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    Australian Curriculum

  • English

    Capture students' imaginations with a creative approach to learning
    about the richness and diversity that is subject English. Inspire your
    students to have a deep and lasting connection with ...
  • Geography

    Encourage exploration, investigation and appreciation of humanity and
    the environment with a local, national and global geographical perspective.
    Inspire your students to connect with the world ...
  • History

    Journey through history and discover ancient cultures, see amazing historical sites
    and learn about the events, people and places that have shaped the modern world of today.
    Inspire your students by bringing History to life with ...
  • Mathematics

    Build connections that cultivate mathematical thinking and an appreciation
    for the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Inspire your students by bringing
    Mathematics to life with real-world applications...
  • Science

    Nurture curiosity and encourage inquiry to help students develop
    an understanding of how Science is a fascinating part of everyday life.
    Inspire your students by bringing Science to life with ...
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