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Capture students' imaginations with a creative approach to learning about the richness and diversity that is subject English. Inspire your students to have a deep and lasting connection with language and literature, underpinned by the skills needed for literate citizenship.

Australian English education has never been so invigorating. A new curriculum encourages students to embrace the English language in all its variations and develop key skills in reading, understanding and creating.

Jacaranda's English is resources offer a clear pathway through the Australian Curriculum English, allowing students to communicate, collaborate and innovate in their quest to become life-long learners.

Jacaranda learnON English for the Australian Curriculum

Jacaranda learnON is an immersive digital learning platform that enables real-time learning through teacher-student connections, complete visibility and effective feedback. Equal parts engaging and easy to use, the learnON platform delivers trusted Jacaranda English content in new and better ways to maximise learning outcomes in the classroom.

English is ... 7 - 10 English for the Australian Curriculum

The English is ... series offers an exciting and authoritative approach to the Australian Curriculum: English. Each unit is structured to inquire into the 'big ideas' or concepts that underpin English, leading students through a set of differentiated activities towards the knowledge, understanding and skills that will create literate citizens of the twenty-first century.


English is ... 7 - 10 English for the Australian Curriculum Teacher Edition


Knowledge Quest: English 1 & 2

Knowledge Quest: English is an immersive, motivating and highly visual learning solution that will engage students as they learn core English skills. This online game allows students to leave the classroom behind them and enter a world where learning English skills is fun and knowledge is rewarded through quest-based gameplay linked to educational concepts.


Knowledge Quest: English 1 & 2 Teacher Editions


Macquarie Dictionaries

Belonging to the proud pedigree of the Macquarie Dictionary, the Early Primary, Primary, Pocket, School and File Dictionaries are widely recognised as Australia's national dictionary.