Australian Curriculum Mathematics

Australian Curriculum Mathematics

Build connections that cultivate mathematical thinking and an appreciation for the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Using Jacaranda's Maths textbooks, inspire your students by bringing Mathematics to life with real-world applications and create opportunities for them to learn at their own pace.

Australian Mathematics education is entering a historic phase. A new curriculum offers new opportunities to engage future generations of students in the exciting and challenging world of Mathematics.

Jacaranda's latest resources for Australian Curriculum Mathematics ensure no student is left behind or held back by establishing a students' current level of understanding, presenting a range of problems, tracking progress and providing immediate feedback.

Maths Quest 7, 8, 9, 10, 10A for the Australian Curriculum

The Maths Quest Australian Curriculum Second Edition series is specifically developed to meet the requirements and aspirations of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. The suite includes a range of engaging digital products designed to enrich the learning experience and improve learning outcomes for all students.

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assessON Maths Quest 7, 8, 9, 10, 10A for the Australian Curriculum

Gain a crystal clear picture of your students' progress, performance and compliance. This assessment tool harnesses the power of technology to create purposeful student-teacher connections.

Spy Class Maths Quest 7 & 8

SpyClass is a captivating Mathematics game that combines striking comic-book style art with problem-based learning for heightened engagement and extension.