Maths Quest 7

Maths Quest 7

Teachers looking for a tool to use that can support the Australian Mathematics Curriculum can use the Homework Book for Maths Quest 7. This is a supplement to the Australian Curriculum Edition and has a variety of homework sheets that have interesting activities.

Students also have fun code puzzles and a variety of rich-filled tasks. The goal of the Maths Quest 7 Homework Book is to provide teachers and parents the ability to build a homework program. The goal is to helpkids develop their skills in maths. The book has 16 chapters with two homework sheets and five worksheets. There is also two code puzzles and one rich task that is included in each chapter.

Maths Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum

Maths worksheets are tear outs to allow them to be turned into the teacher. There is space available for an answer and feedback from the teacher. The first chapter includes quick questions that allow a student to improve memory recall of numbers and new sill sets. The Maths Quest 7 Homework Book also includes a learning matrix for each chapter. Also included for each chapter is a learning page that allows students to reflect on the information they have learned. The student is able to include details and data about the work they completed by using a grid. This grid will give students with the option to provide the teacher with concerns or issues.

assessON Maths Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum

There is scaffolding included in chapters 18 and 19 for students having difficulty with problem-solving questions. If the answers to the questions for the worksheets are needed, then you will need to purchase the eGuidePlus.