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See the future of tutoring at a yourTutor webinar!

yourTutor VCE Mathematics 

In these webinars, Shirly Griffith, our Mathematics publisher, will take you through a yourTutor session so you can see how simple it is to provide your students with one-on-one homework and assignment help. Students can easily connect to yourTutor through their VCE Maths Quest eBookPLUS or studyON title. Access for the whole 2013 school year is only $50 per student ($60 for Specialist Mathematics).

With this online tutoring tool, your VCE Mathematics students will have no need to fit tutoring appointments into family or school life, no need to travel, and no expensive, hour-by-hour limits.

yourTutor students benefit from access to:
- Online professional tutors between 3pm and 10pm, Sunday to Friday, accessible through any device connected to the Internet.
- Australian-educated and located tutors who are trained in all state Mathematics curricula.
- Interactive, just in time tutoring which builds confidence and capability for their lessons the next day.
- Tutors who have access to the latest Jacaranda Maths Quest VCE Mathematics resources, so they know exactly where students are at.

Tutors take into consideration your students specific questions, previous learning, and current skill level and use this context to work through problems together.

FREE studyON Teacher Editions for all attendees valued at $299!
All teachers who attend a yourTutor webinar will receive complimentary access to studyON Teacher Edition, Units 3&4 for VCE Further Mathematics, VCE Mathematical Methods CAS and VCE Specialist Mathematics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Don't know what a webinar is, how to join or what to expect? Click here to view our FAQ sheet. 

More information:
For any queries regarding the webinars, please email us at jacwebinars@wiley.com