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The entire 7-10 Australian Curriculum: English course online

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English teaching and learning resources for the Australian Curriculum

The path towards knowledge of English, understanding and skills begins with an effective English resource. The English is ... for the Australian Curriculum series allows every student to progress at their own pace, and encourages them to inquire, understand and respond to the concepts that underpin the teaching and learning of English. Engaging free English worksheets are provided with eBookPLUS under the resources tab, containing additional activities for each unit. Our online English is ... resources not only provide rich and stimulating multimedia for the Australian Curriculum: English course, but also guide students through creative projects and hands-on opportunities to explore the craft of writing.

eGuidePLUS for English Teachers provides extensive teacher support including answer versions of the free worksheets, curriculum grids, weblinks and teaching notes. eGuidePLUS is available for each year level and can be purchased online.

English is ... and Knowledge Quest can be combined for a richer English classroom experience.
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