NSW History value packs

NSW Ac History syllabus stage 4 & stage 5 resources


Journey through history and discover ancient cultures, see amazing historical sites and learn about the events, people and places that have shaped the modern world.

Inspire your students by bringing History to life with fascinating historical sources, rare archival footage and interactive timelines that encourage historical inquiry. Jacaranda's resources comprehensively address the requirements of the new NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. All the Overviews, every Depth Study, plus integrated historical skills tutorials and practice are included and fully linked to syllabus content and outcomes.

New titles for 2018

In 2018, Jacaranda will be publishing new editions of Jacaranda Retroactive Years 7-10 for the NSW Australian curriculum. The updated series will be available as print or learnON, the immersive digital learning platform that replaces eBookPLUS for select new titles. Please visit the Jacaranda Retroactive Years 7-10 for the NSW Australian curriculum page for more info.

Retroactive NSW Australian curriculum History stage 4 & stage 5 series

The Retroactive series continues to set the standard in History stage 4 & stage 5 resources for New South Wales. With stunning visual appeal and exciting digital resources, supplemented by quality teacher support, these new editions have been designed to engage and inspire your History students like never before.

Jacaranda World History Atlas

The Jacaranda World History Atlas and the myWorld History Atlas can transport your students to the most amazing historical locations throughout the history of time. With 120 key historical studies and online question banks covering the Australian curriculum History content, see how these stunning resources can bring greater depth of understanding and inspire historical enquiry in your classroom