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NSW Science

Nurture curiosity and encourage inquiry to help students develop an understanding of how Science is a fascinating part of everyday life. Inspire your students by bringing Science to life with resources that promote inquiry-based learning and clearly illustrate Science within the context of the bigger picture.

Jacaranda learnON Science for the NSW Australian curriculum

Jacaranda learnON is an immersive digital learning platform that enables real-time learning through teacher-student connections, complete visibility and effective feedback. Equal parts engaging and easy to use, the learnON platform delivers trusted Jacaranda Science content in new and better ways to maximise learning outcomes in the classroom.

Core Science 4 & 5 NSW Australian curriculum

The new editions of Core Science offer a compelling, comprehensive and flexible teaching and learning program with in-depth coverage of essential and additional NSW Science syllabus content for the Australian curriculum. Exciting enhancements to the series support the learning needs of all students by providing a full range of lower to higher order activities, and present opportunities for students to demonstrate the understanding and skills they develop.


Core Science 4 & 5 NSW Australian curriculum eBookPLUS


assessON Core Stage 4 & 5 NSW Australian curriculum

Gain a crystal clear picture of your students' readiness to begin a topic, their progress and performance. This assessment tool harnesses the power of technology to create purposeful student-teacher connections.


assessON Core Stage 4 & 5 NSW Australian curriculum Teacher Edition