Focus on Junior Food Technology

Focus on Junior Food Technology
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ISBN13 9780701632595
Pub date July 1995
Pages 320
RRP $79.95
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Focus on Junior Food Technology is written specifically for the New South Wales Food Technology syllabus for Years 7-10.

The book covers twelve of the focal issues from the syllabus, making it suitable for students undertaking the Stage 4 course, the Stage 5 course, or both the Stage 4 and 5 courses.

  • outcomes, key words, a comprehensive glossary and recommended resources in each chapter
  • content components, processes and perspectives integrated throughout the chapters
  • practical applications to give students 'hands-on' learning experiences
  • case studies to show how food technology applies in domestic, commercial and industrial settings
  • 'Extend yourself' and 'Think back' sections to reinforce knowledge and to develop skills
  • design briefs in each chapter


Chapter 1: Food and an Australian identity
Chapter 2: Food and convenience
Chapter 3: Nutritional status of people
Chapter 4: Food packaging
Chapter 5: Technological change in food processing
Chapter 6: Food and fashion
Chapter 7: Food for special needs
Chapter 8: Food and social justice
Chapter 9: Food as a small business
Chapter 10: Food service and catering
Chapter 11: Food for special occasions
Chapter 12: Food display


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