Biology 2 HSC Course

Biology 2 HSC Course
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ISBN13 9780701634650
Pub date October 2001
Pages 607
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Biology 2 HSC Course along with Biology 1 Preliminary Course are highly contemporary texts specifically for the Stage 6 Biology syllabus for Year 11 and 12 students in New South Wales. Written by experienced Biology educators and authors, it offers the most authoritative and in-depth coverage of the four Preliminary modules and the HSC topics, in an attractive visual format to stimulate students' interest and enhance their learning. In Biology 1 & Biology 2 the authors provide students with a solid grounding in biological concepts, an appreciation of the historical developments in the science, and fascinating insights into the people and technologies involved in current practice and research.


Full-colour format with high-quality illustrations and stunning photographs

Clear explanations of the syllabus content, with key ideas summaries and Quick-check questions interspersed regularly to check students' understanding

The most up-to-date information on current biological research and technologies

Case studies, people profiles and Odd Facts to sustain and extend students' interest

Chapter reviews, with key work lists and a variety of questions, including web-based questions, that consolidate learning and encourage discussion and further research

Chapter 1: Maintaining a balance: temperature
Chapter 2: Transporting materials in living things
Chapter 3: Regulating water and waste
Chapter 4: Evolution: mechanisms and outcomes
Chapter 5: Contribution of Mendel to genetic understanding
Chapter 6: Chromosomes: key to inheritance
Chapter 7: DNA: genotype to phenotype
Chapter 8: Reproductive technologies
Chapter 9: Health: a state of wellbeing
Chapter 10: Disease-causing organisms
Chapter 11: Defence against disease
Chapter 12: Epidemiology and public health
Chapter 13: Extending Mendel’s model of inheritance
Chapter 14: Genes in action at a molecular level
Chapter 15: Genes: mapping, sequencing and in development
Chapter 16: Classifying the human species
Chapter 17: Fossils: formation, dating and interpretation
Chapter 18: Hominid evolution