Science 21
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Pub date December 2006
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Science 21 by Kahni Burrows is designed to address the exciting new course of the same name implemented with Year 11 students in Queensland in 2007. The course takes an interdisciplinary approach to science that aims to produce scientifically literate young adults.
Jacaranda's Science 21 is underpinned by this approach, presenting units of work that have intrinsic interest to students within the context of their lives in the 21st century.

The units have an inquiry focus and aim to develop students' ability to think scientifically through engaging them in high-interest themes and topics. The text is accompanied by a Teacher Support Kit.


A focus question at the start of each chapter to introduce the context and guide scientific inquiry.
Investigations and activities interspersed through chapters to allow students to process and practise the concepts presented in the text.
Engaging content written at a reading level suitable for the audience.
Key terms in the minor column, adjacent to where they are discussed in the text.
Stimulus articles and images that show real-life applications of science.
End of chapter questions.
Special reference appendix to guide skill development in scientific investigation and research methods.
Chapter 1: Life, the universe and everything
In the beginning
Stages in the Earth's development
The development of life on Earth
Considering the evidence
End of chapter questions

Chapter 2: The restless Earth
Structure of the lithosphere
Plate tectonics
End of chapter questions

Chapter 3: Colonising other worlds
Space stations
Destination: the moon
Mission to Mars
In search of Earth, version 2.0
How would we get there?
End of chapter questions

Chapter 4: Nuclear energy - Australia's energy future?
The energy crisis
Energy from atoms
Nuclear reactors
The nuclear debate
Case study: Chernobyl
End of chapter questions

Chapter 5: Weapons through the ages
The boomerang
The trebuchet
The cannon
Mustard gas
Nuclear weapons
The bunker-buster bomb
End of chapter questions

Chapter 6: The brave new world of genetic engineering
Revising genetics
Forms of genetic engineering
Ethical arguments against genetic engineering
End of chapter questions

Chapter 7: Survive that drive
What price safety?
Why accidents happen
Cracking down on speed
End of chapter questions

Chapter 8: What's your poison?
Drugs and the human brain
Drug classifications
Effects on health
Legal issues
End of chapter questions

Chapter 9: Crime squad
Forensic science
Scene of the crime
Identifying the deceased
Estimating the time of death
How to make a good impression!
Hairs and fibres
Forensic toxicology
End of chapter questions

Appendix A: Investigation and research methods
Appendix B: The periodic table of elements
Appendix C: Physical constants and values
Appendix D: Answers to selected end of chapter questions

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