Physics 1 Preliminary Course 3E & eBookPLUS

Physics 1 Preliminary Course 3E & eBookPLUS
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ISBN13 9780731408207
Pub date September 2008
Pages 336
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Jacaranda will be publishing a 4th edition of Jacaranda Physics 11, available in 2017 to meet the requirements of the new Stage 6 Syllabus (2017). The updated title will be available as print with eBookPLUS or digital only. Please visit the Jacaranda Physics Stage 6 page for more information.

The third edition of Physics 1 Preliminary Course and eBookPLUS 3rd Edition is revised and updated to meet all the requirements of the amended Stage 6 Physics Syllabus. Written by a team of experienced Physics teachers, this text provides a firm base for the study of the topics in the second book in the series, Physics 2 HSC Course 3E.


  • Full-colour, high quality, detailed illustrations to enhance students' understanding of Physics concepts
  • Clearly written explanations and sample problems
  • Interest boxes focusing on up-to-date information, current research and new discoveries
  • Practical activities at the end of each chapter to support the syllabus investigations
  • Chapter reviews that provide a summary and a range of problem-solving and descriptive questions

Physics 1 Preliminary Course 3E eBookPLUS is an electronic version of the student textbook as well as a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

Your eBookPLUS resources include:
• the entire student textbook in electronic format
• HTML links to other useful support material on the internet
• Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing
• interactive activities and a wealth of ICT resources


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Chapter 1: Waves: Movers of Energy
Chapter 2: Sound is a Wave
Chapter 3: Electromagnetic Waves and Communication
Chapter 4: Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 5: Discovery and Development of Electrical Energy
Chapter 6: Electric Charges, Fields and Currents
Chapter 7: The Household Electricity Supply
Chapter 8: Using Electricity in the Home
Chapter 9: Describing Movement
Chapter 10: Force and Newton's Law of Motion
Chapter 11: Mechanical Interactions
Chapter 12: The Big-Bang Cosmology
Chapter 13: Star Light, Star Bright
Chapter 14: The Sun-Earth Connection

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