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AssessON Maths Quest 10 + 10a for the Australian Curriculum Teacher Edition (Online Purchase)

AssessON Maths Quest 10 + 10a for the Australian Curriculum Teacher Edition (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9781118256961
Pub date December 2011
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assessON Maths Quest 10+10A for the Australian Curriculum is an innovative online tool that provides additional assessment resources for your mathematics course and enables online assessments and automatic feedback.

The assessON Teacher Edition connects you with your students so that you can:
• create and assign formal and informal online assessments FOR, AS and OF learning
• access six online NAPLAN practice tests
• schedule homework and assessment tasks that are automatically marked and recorded
• track assigned work completed by students against scheduled deadlines
• view and compare student answers
• track the progress and performance of students at the individual, group or whole class level against national curriculum requirements
• identify individual student strengths and weaknesses

Students may also use their assessON Student Edition to:
• easily complete homework and assessment tasks online or create their own for extra revision or test practice
• obtain worked solutions and receive instant feedback
• view easy-to-follow reports to monitor their progress and identify strengths and weaknesses

This innovative assessment tool is available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (www.jacplus.com.au).  

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Maths Quest 10
1. Indices
2. Linear algebra
3. Coordinate geometry
4. Simultaneous linear equations and inequalities
5. Trigonometry I
6. Measurement
7. Quadratic expressions
8. Quadratic equations
9. Functions and curve sketching
10. Deductive Geometry
ICT ProjectsPLUS - Backyard Flood
11. Problem solving I
12. Probability
13. Univariate data
14. Bivariate data
15. Statistics in the media
16. Financial mathematics
ICT ProjectsPLUS - Climate change
17. Problem solving II

Maths Quest 10A
18. Real numbers
19. Polynomials
20. Functions and relations
21. Circle geometry
22. Trigonometry II
23. Interpreting data


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