Nature of Biology Book 2 4E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)

Nature of Biology Book 2 4E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9781118389096
Pub date November 2012
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Area of Study 1: Molecules of life
Chapter 1
: The chemical nature of cells
Chapter 2: Membranes and cell organelles
Chapter3: Biochemical processes in cells
Chapter 4: Molecular biology in medicine

Area of Study 2: Detecting and responding
Chapter 5
: Coordination and regulation: endocrine systems
Chapter 6: Coordination and regulation: nervous systems
Chapter 7: Infection and disease
Chapter 8: Immunity: defence against disease

Area of Study 1: Heredity
Chapter 9
: Genes, chromosomes and patterns of inheritance
Chapter 10: Nature, structure and organisation of the genetic material
Chapter 11: Gene function: genes in action
Chapter 12: Manipulating DNA: tools and techniques

Area of Study 2: Change over time
Chapter 13: Population genetics
Chapter 14: Evolution: chases over time
Chapter 15: Hominin evolution
Chapter 16: Human intervention in evolution


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