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  • Retroactive 1 NSW Australian Curriculum History Stage 4: The Ancient World to the Modern World & eBookPLUS

Retroactive 1 NSW Australian Curriculum History Stage 4: The Ancient World to the Modern World & eBookPLUS

Retroactive 1 NSW Australian Curriculum History Stage 4: The Ancient World to the Modern World & eBookPLUS
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ISBN13 9781118599365
Pub date September 2013
Pages 464
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Jacaranda will be publishing a 2nd edition of Jacaranda Retroactive 1 Stage 4 for the NSW Australian curriculum in 2017 for use in 2018. The updated title will be available as print or a new eBook powered by learnON, the immersive digital learning platform. Please visit the Jacaranda NSW Australian curriculum History page for more information.

Retroactive 1 NSW Australian curriculum History Stage 4 The Ancient World to the Modern World with eBookPLUS

The Retroactive series continues to set the standard in providing a complete resource package for the New South Wales 7-10 History Syllabus. Fully updated with engaging new content, the Retroactive series develops students’ understanding of key historical concepts and inquiry skills. Students and teachers can be assured of a comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the Stage 4: The Ancient World to the Modern World content and historical skills.


• manageable sections organised thematically using a visually engaging double-page format
• integrated history skills, including a Skill builder feature to help students develop confidence in working with historical sources
• detailed and clearly labelled colour diagrams and artwork to bring to life the people of the past and their societies
• clear text with a strong literacy focus, and glossary terms defined on the page at point of use
• varied and stimulating source-based activities – carefully graded, categorised and scaffolded
• activities for each of the syllabus’ key historical skills, provided in end of topic Practise your historical skills sections
Retrofile features to showcase high-interest facts
• signposts to relevant supplementary material in the Jacaranda World History Atlas

> eBookPLUS resources include:

• Access from any digital device PC/MAC/iPad/Android Tablet.
Worksheets - Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing.
Interactivities and games to reinforce and enhance student learning.
eLessons - engaging video clips and supporting material.
Weblinks to relevant support material on the internet.
• ProjectsPLUS - unique ICT-based projects that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork.

DEPTH STUDY 1: Investigating the ancient past
Topic 1Investigating the ancient past
OVERVIEW: The Ancient World
OV1Overview 1:
The Ancient World
DEPTH STUDY 2: The Mediterranean World
Topic 2aAncient Egypt
Topic 2bAncient Greece
(online only)
Topic 2cAncient Rome
DEPTH STUDY 3: The Asian World
Topic 3aAncient India
(online only)
Topic 3bEarly Imperial China
OVERVIEW: The Ancient to the Modern World
OV2Overview 2:
The Ancient to the Modern World
DEPTH STUDY 4: The Western and Islamic World
Topic 4aThe Vikings
Topic 4bMedieval Europe
Topic 4cThe Ottoman Empire
Topic 4dRenaissance Italy
(online only)
DEPTH STUDY 5: The Asia-Pacific World
Topic 5aThe Angkor/Khmer Empire
(online only)
Topic 5bJapan under the Shoguns
Topic 5cThe Polynesian expansion across the Pacific
DEPTH STUDY 6: Expanding Contacts
Topic 6aMongol Expansion
(online only)
Topic 6bThe Black Death in Asia, Europe and Africa (14th-century plague)
Topic 6cThe Spanish Conquest of the Americas (c. AD 1492 – c. 1572)
Topic 6dAboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, Colonisation and Contact History

About Retroactive viii
About the authors xi
About eBookPLUS xii
Inside your Retroactive eBookPLUS xiii
Acknowledgements xiv

1:1 History and archaeology 4
1:2 Other experts and methods 8
1:3 Investigating human remains 10
1:4 Sources: the historian’s clues 14
1:5 Analysis and use of sources 16
1:6 Sources for ancient Australia 20
1:7 Key historical concepts 24
1:8 Historical time 28
1:9 Conserving the past 30
1:10 Saving Abu Simbel’s temples 34
Practise your historical skills 36
ProjectsPLUS 38
OV1:1 From Africa to the world 42
OV1:2 Evidence of emerging societies 44
OV1:3 Ancient societies and civilisations 54

TOPIC 2a Ancient Egypt 66
2a:1 Chronology 68
2a:2 Physical features 70
2a:3 The pharaoh and the law 74
2a:4 Society and everyday life 76
2a:5 Working life 80
2a:6 Religion 84
2a:7 Funerary customs 88
2a:8 Site study: Giza 92
2a:9 Rameses II 94
2a:10 Contact, trade and warfare 96
2a:11 Ancient Egypt’s legacy 100
Practise your historical skills 102
ProjectsPLUS 104
TOPIC 2b Ancient Greece
2b:1 Chronology
2b:2 Geographical setting
2b:3 Politics and society
2b:4 Everyday life
2b:5 Greeks at war
2b:6 The Greek legacy
2b:7 Greek religion
2b:8 The Olympic Games
2b:9 Two famous Greeks
Practise your historical skills
TOPIC 2c Ancient Rome 106
2c:1 Chronology 108
2c:2 Geographical setting 110
2c:3 The Republic 112
2c:4 The Roman Empire 114
2c:5 Everyday life 118
2c:6 Contacts and confilicts 122
2c:7 Religious practices and festivities 126
2c:8 Julius Caesar 130
2c:9 The Roman legacy 134
Practise your historical skills 138
ProjectsPLUS 140

TOPIC 3a Ancient India
3a:1 Chronology
3a:2 Geographical setting
3a:3 Indus Valley civilisation
3a:4 Aryan invasions
3a:5 Beliefs and philosophies
3a:6 Ashoka
3a:7 The spread of Indian influence
3a:8 The Gupta Empire
3a:9 Daily life in ancient India
3a:10 Art, architecture and literature
3a:11 Technology and science
3a:12 Ancient India’s impact on the world
Practise your historical skills
TOPIC 3b Early Imperial China 144
3b:1 Chronology 146
3b:2 Physical features 150
3b:3 Qin Shi Huangdi’s government 152
3b:4 Society, status and roles 154
3b:5 Beliefs, values and practices 156
3b:6 Farming life 158
3b:7 Everyday life 160
3b:8 Site study: the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi 164
3b:9 Contact, trade and warfare 168
3b:10 Early China’s legacy 170
Practise your historical skills 172
ProjectsPLUS 174
OV2:1 Transformation of the Roman world 178
OV2:2 The medieval world 182
OV2:3 The emergence of new ideas about the world 194

TOPIC 4a The Vikings 200
4a:1 The Viking world 202
4a:2 Daily life 206
4a:3 Norse gods 210
4a:4 Travel and trade 212
4a:5 War, warriors and weaponry 214
4a:6 The Danelaw 218
4a:7 Erik the Red 220
4a:8 1066: The Norman invasion 224
4a:9 Viking infi uence today 228
Practise your historical skills 232
ProjectsPLUS 234
TOPIC 4b Medieval Europe 236
4b:1 Time and place 238
4b:2 Feudal society 240
4b:3 Everyday life 242
4b:4 The Catholic Church 246
4b:5 Cathedral building 248
4b:6 Music and decoration 250
4b:7 Islam and the West 252
4b:8 Crime and punishment 256
4b:9 Military and defence systems 260
4b:10 Towns, cities and commerce 264
4b:11 Signifl cant individuals 268
4b:12 Medieval Europe’s infi uence 270
Practise your historical skills 272
ProjectsPLUS 274
TOPIC 4c The Ottoman empire 276
4c:1 Ottoman origins 278
4c:2 Early expansion 280
4c:3 Moving into Europe 282
4c:4 Suleiman the Magnifl cent 284
4c:5 Everyday life 288
4c:6 Art and architecture 292
4c:7 Literature and science 294
Practise your historical skills 296
TOPIC 4d Renaissance Italy
4d:1 Renaissance Italy
4d:2 Work and wealth
4d:3 Florence: rulers and ruled
4d:4 The Medici
4d:5 Humanist thinking
4d:6 Art and architecture
4d:7 Leonardo da Vinci
4d:8 Spread and legacy
4d:9 A scientifl c legacy
4d:10 A religious legacy
Practise your historical skills

TOPIC 5a The Angkor/Khmer empire
5a:1 The rise of the Khmer empire
5a:2 Roles and relationships
5a:3 Everyday life
5a:4 Khmer civilisation
5a:5 Angkor’s temples
5a:6 The decline of Angkor
Practise your historical skills
TOPIC 5b Japan under the shoguns 300
5b:1 The land and its people 302
5b:2 Early medieval Japan 304
5b:3 The rule of the shoguns 306
5b:4 Japanese religions: Shinto and Buddhism 308
5b:5 The Tokugawa shogunate 310
5b:6 Castles and forests 314
5b:7 Isolation and threats 316
5b:8 Modernisation 318
5b:9 A rich legacy in arts and crafts 320
Practise your historical skills 322
The Polynesian expansion across the Pacific 324
5c:1 The Pacifi c 326
5c:2 The Polynesian settlement of the Pacifi c 328
5c:3 The Polynesian people and their land 332
5c:4 Life and death on Easter Island 336
5c:5 Life in the land of the long white cloud 338
5c:6 Maoritanga – the Maori way 342
5c:7 Polynesian power and politics 344
5c:8 Maori culture and art 348
Practise your historical skills 352

TOPIC 6a Mongol expansion
6a:1 The Mongol people and their land
6a:2 The rise of Temujin
6a:3 The Mongol army of conquest
6a:4 The law of the Mongol lands
6a:5 Song dynasty China before Mongol conquest
6a:6 Mongol rule: the Yuan dynasty
6a:7 Culture and belief at the khan’s court
6a:8 The travels of Marco Polo
6a:9 The defeat of the Mongol empire
6a:10 Mongolia’s grave history
6a:11 The Mongol legacy
Practise your historical skills
The Black Death in Asia, Europe and Africa
(14th-century plague) 356
6b:1 Before the Black Death 358
6b:2 Medical knowledge and treatments 362
6b:3 What was the Black Death? 366
6b:4 The spread of the Black Death 370
6b:5 The Black Death: impact 372
6b:6 Responses to the Black Death 376
6b:7 Asia and Africa 378
6b:8 Effects of the Black Death 382
Practise your historical skills 384
The Spanish conquest of the Americas 386
6c:1 Ancient civilisations of the Americas 388
6c:2 The pre-Columbian world 390
6c:3 Building Aztec belief 394
6c:4 The Spanish journey to the Americas 396
6c:5 The quest for gold and glory 398
6c:6 Conquest of the Aztec empire 400
6c:7 La Malinche: mother of Mexico? 402
6c:8 Colonial control 404
6c:9 Disease and defeat 406
6c:10 The New World 408
Practise your historical skills 410
ProjectsPLUS 412
TOPIC 6d Aboriginal and indigenous peoples, colonisation and contact history 414
6d:1 Colonisation and contact 416
6d:2 Life before the Europeans 418
6d:3 Dispute and dispossession 422
6d:4 America’s Trail of Tears 424
6d:5 Australia’s fi rst contact 428
6d:6 Aboriginal land, Dreaming and law 430
6d:7 Battling to survive 432
6d:8 ‘Protected’ lives 434
6d:9 The colonial legacy 438
Practise your historical skills 440
ProjectsPLUS 442

Index 444

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