Geoactive 1 3E Teacher Guide & eGuidePLUS

Geoactive 1 3E Teacher Guide & eGuidePLUS
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ISBN13 9781742160078
Pub date February 2010
Pages 384
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The Geoactive 1 series consists of a comprehensive Teacher Guide which features:
  • Full-colour presentation with notes wrapped around student book double pages
  • Syllabus links, teaching points and answers to activities
  • Additional worksheets
  • eGuidePLUS - an electronic version of both the student and teacher texts and supporting digital resources

Geoactive 1 Stage 4 Global Geography, 3E eGuidePLUS is provided FREE with the Teacher Guide, but is also available for purchase separately.

eGuidePLUS for teachers contains a HTML and PDF version of the entire student text as well as a complimentary set of targeted electronic resources including answers to all the activities in the student text, additional readings, powerpoint slides for each syllabus topic and other engaging ICT activities.

eGuidePLUS can be accessed from Jacaranda PLUS


Click to view Geoactive 1 Stage 4 Global Geography, 3E eGuidePLUS.



Chapter 1. The nature of Geography.

Chapter 2. Our world, our heritage.

Chapter 3. Geographical research.

Chapter 4. Global Environments.

Chapter 5. Mountain lands.

Chapter 6. Deserts.

Chapter 7. Rainforests.

Chapter 8. Polar Lands.

Chapter 9. The changing nature of the world.

Chapter 10. An unequal world.

Chapter 11. Global resource use and sustainability.

Chapter 12. Global geographical issues and citizenship.

Chapter 13. Climate change.

Chapter 14. Threatened habitats.

Chapter 15. Tourism: a geographical issue.

Chapter 16. Access to fresh water.

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