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Important notice, especially for Internet Explorer version 6: The applets will only work if a Java runtime environment (version 1.4) is installed on your computer. Download is possible from Sun Microsystems.

Chapter 1 Reflecting light page 4 Speed of light
  page 8 Image in a plane mirror applets
  page 9 One-way mirror
  page 12 Concave mirror applet
  page 16 Convex mirror applet
  page 18 Scallop eyes [1]
  page 18 Scallop eyes [2]
Chapter 2 Refracting light page 26 Refraction applet
  page 30 Mirages and more
  page 31 Fibre optics
  page 33 Huygen's principle applet
  page 36 Convex lens applet
  page 37 Concave lens applet
  page 41 Modelling the eye applet
  page 42 Animal eyes
Chapter 3 Seeing colours page 51 Rotating prisms applet
  page 57 Rainbows
  page 57 Formation of a rainbow applet
  page 58 Colour applets [1]
  page 58 Colour applets [2]
  page 61 The physics of colour
  page 65 Polarisation
  page 66 Polarised light applet
Chapter 4 Radiation from the nucleus page 79 The Law of Radioactive Decay applet
  page 82 Radioactive decay applet
  page 89 The myths of Chernobyl
Chapter 5 Our view of the sky page 102 Retrograde motion applet
  page 103 Heliocentric and geocentric comparison applet
  page 109 Phases of the moon applet
  page 111 Solar system and comets applet
  page 114 Planet pictures
  page 124 Printable star charts
Chapter 6 Telescopes page 140 Modelling telescopes applet
  page 145 Gallery of radio telescopes with links
  page 148 World's largest optical telescopes with links
  page 149 Orbiting telescopes
  page 150 The Hubble Space Telescope site
  page 150 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's homepage
  page 150 The Melbourne Planetarium homepage
Chapter 7 Waves and radioactivity in medical diagnosis and treatment page 165 Bone density scans
  page 174 CAT scan applets
  page 191 PET scans
Chapter 8 Energy from the nucleus page 201 Fusion animation
  page 203 Fission animation
  page 208 Nuclear power plant simulation
  page 209 Fusion basics
Chapter 9 Analysing motion page 235 Constant acceleration applet
Chapter 10 Forces in action page 261 Inclined plane applet
Chapter 11 Mechanical interactions page 285 Momentum and collisions
  page 285 Airtrack applet
  page 294 Conservation of energy applet
Chapter 12 Current electricity page 320 Ohm's Law applet
Chapter 13 Circuit analysis page 329 Kirchoff's Laws applet
Note: Follow the 'Electric circuits' link and select 'A Four-Resistor Circuit'.
  page 333 Simple Electric Circuits
  page 333 CD Circuit Water Analogy
Chapter 14 Using electrical energy page 351 Running costs of electrical appliances
  page 358 Electrical safety
Chapter 15 The nature of stars page 384 The nearest stars applet
Chapter 16 Cosmology page 414 Recovering Hubble's data applet
  page 414 The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) universe page
  page 414 The jet propulsion laboratory's homepage
Chapter 17 Aerospace investigations page 437 Aviation milestones
  page 441 Principles of flight
  page 442 Forces on a wing in flight applet
  page 443 The four forces of flight
  page 448 Flight controls
  page 448 The space shuttle orbiter
  page 450 Online wind tunnel simulation
Chapter 18 Investigating energy alternatives page 463 Photovoltaic cells
  page 465 Hours of sunlight
  page 470 Wind turbine links [1]
  page 470 Wind turbine links [2]
  page 471 Tidal power
  general A site published by the Australian Greenhouse Office to promote the use of renewable energy and develop the Australian renewable energy industry.
  general A Victorian perspective on renewable
  general This site shows the location of Australian power stations that use renewable energy to generate electric power
  general Fuel cell technology equipment
  general Solar energy applets