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Maths Online

JacarandaPLUS maths online resources offer a digital only option for your maths course. Our latest online products provide flexible and engaging ways to appeal to generations of students in the exciting and challenging world of mathematics. Device agnostic and available for Australian Curriculum mathematics and state base curricula,

our online maths resources enhance student learning by providing hands-on experience and instant feedback.
Our maths online resources for teachers provide access to powerful diagnostic tools which enable teachers to view student answers in real time and monitor progress and performance at an individual, group or whole class level. Students can learn maths online through games, videos and interactivities which provide instant feedback on questions answered so that they can take charge of their own learning and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

Textbooks + eBookPLUS

All Jacaranda textbooks include access to eBookPLUS: an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted online maths resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online through JacarandaPLUS, the home of all our digital resources. Access codes for JacPLUS resources are located on the inside front cover of the student textbook.

eBookPLUS Online

eBookPLUS enables students to study maths online with an electronic version of the textbook, plus a complementary set of targeted digital resources. All Maths Quest eBooks provide students with instant access to Hungry brain and Individual pathways activities, interactivities and eLessons, WorkSHEETs, SkillSHEETS, projectsPLUS and much more.

assessON Student Edition

assessON is an innovative online maths tool that provides additional assessment resources for Maths Quest Australian Curriculum 7-10A. Students can easily complete homework and assessment tasks online or create their own. Students can also access worked solutions, receive instant feedback and view easy-to-follow reports to monitor their progress and identify strengths and weaknesses.

assessON Teacher Edition

Teacher Edition connects teachers to their students so that they can create and assign formal and informal online maths assessments FOR, AS and OF learning. Teachers can also access NAPLAN practice tests, schedule homework and assessment tasks that are automatically marked and view reports to assist with tracking the progress of students at the individual group or whole class level.


Maths Quest VCE eBookPLUS provides access to an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted online maths resources. eBookPLUS resources include the entire textbook in electronic format, WorkSHEETs designed for easy customisation and editing, SkillSHEETs featuring interactive activities and a wealth of ICT resources, electronic tutorials for worked examples and fully worked solutions to the exam practice sections.


eGuidePLUS is maths online teacher support containing everything in the student eBookPLUS plus; two tests per chapter, fully worked solutions to WorkSHEETs, the work program and other curriculum advice. The eGuidePLUS provides ample NEW material such as application tasks, analysis tasks and semester exams, from which teachers may set school-assessed coursework (SAC) as well as additional investigations and worksheets.

Solutions Manual

The Maths Quest VCE series features Solutions Manuals which contain the fully worked solutions to every question in the corresponding Maths Quest student textbook. Available as digital only eBooks, these Solutions Manuals are available for Maths Quest 11 Standard General Maths, Maths Methods CAS and Advanced General Maths, and well as Maths Quest 12 Further Maths, Maths Methods CAS and Specialist Maths.

studyOn Student Edition

studyON is a revolutionary online study, revision and exam practice tool for VCE Maths students. Students can maximise their exam results by testing their knowledge of maths online through hundreds of past exam questions, interactivities, past exam papers and monitor their progress through their personal results tracker. studyON is an ideal study solution for students as it's highly interactive, visually engaging and instantly accessible through their favourite platform: Online.

studyON Teacher Edition

studyON Teacher Edition enables teachers to view students' performance on practice questions and exam questions taken in studyON Student Edition. Once connected students, teachers can set up classes and other groups, schedule revision activities and monitor and report on individual students progress. With studyON Teacher Edition teachers can view student performance throughout the year and pinpoint areas that require further revision in the lead up to exams.