Maths Quest 12

Maths Quest 12

Maths Quest 12 course guides to prepare for your mathematics exam! Maths Quest 12 includes student workbooks, worksheets, teacher's guides and online components. Jacaranda also offers a series of StudyON guides designed to prepare year 12 students to take VCE exams.

Maths Quest 12 includes supporting calculator companions containing comprehensive step-by-step CAS calculator instructions, fully integrated into worked examples for the Casio ClassPad and TI-Nspire CAS calculators. The series also includes studyON: our revolutionary online study, revision and exam practice tool for students and studyON Teacher Editon: an innovative aid for teachers to monitor students’ progress and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for improved exam results.

Maths Quest 12 Further Mathematics 4E

StudyON Maths Quest 12 Further Mathematics 4E Value Packs

StudyON provides students with practice exam questions taken from official VCE exams, there are over 800 official questions to practice on. As students complete the activities, there is automatic marking with instant feedback. The learning activities are visual and interactive, including videos and animations, helping students retain more information. StudyON also offers value packs that are specialized according to the calculator needed to complete the exercises. Further Mathematics 4E Casio Classpad Calculator Companion and Further Mathematics 4E TI-Nspire Calculator Companion are the most popular value packs that serve as companions to Jacaranda's Quest 12 materials.

Maths Quest 12 Mathematical Methods CAS 2E

Calculator companion guides contain comprehensive step-by-step calculator instructions, worked examples that are fully integrated and electronic tutorials for select worked examples in each chapter. The books use full colour and offer helpful photographs and graphics. Each chapter offers a comprehensive chapter reviews with sample exam questions for practice.

StudyON Maths Quest 12 Mathematical Methods CAS 2E

Maths Quest 12 Specialist Mathematics

StudyON in Specialist Mathematics. This product has been specially designed to be used with VCE Mathematics Units 3 & 4. The book includes a CD-ROM with examples of worked exercises, real life examples and detailed explanations. The Specialist Mathematics workbook chapters are: Chapter 1: Coordinate geometry; Chapter 2: Circular (trigonometric) functions; Chapter 3: Complex numbers; Chapter 4: Representations of relations and regions in the complex plane; Chapter 5: Differential calculus; Chapter 6: Integral calculus; Chapter 7: Differential equations; Chapter 8: Kinematics; Chapter 9: Vectors; Chapter 10: Vector calculus and Chapter 11: Mechanics.
Jacaranda offers a curriculum targeted to VCE Mathematics Units 3 & 4, with these guides students can quickly discover their areas of strength and weaknesses and spend time working only in the areas where they need improvement before exams.

StudyON Maths Quest 12 Specialist Mathematic