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Jacaranda Wins Best Secondary Educational Website!

We are thrilled to announce that Jacaranda has won the 2010 Australian Publishing Association award for best Secondary Educational Website for www.studyon.com.au

studyON is our revolutionary online study, revision and exam practice tool which helps maximise student exam performance. By clearly identifying areas of strength and weakness prior to the exams, studyON can help students confidently target areas of greatest need, enabling them to achieve their very best results.

StudyON incorporates a myriad of study, revision and exam practice aids including;
Interactive study activities
Actual past exam questions
Student-friendly exam marking guides
A results tracker
Progress reports and more!

And now StudyON is even more powerful with studyON Teacher Edition
The Teacher Edition enables teachers to view student performance on practice questions and exam questions taken in studyON Student Edition. With studyON Teacher Edition, teachers can easily monitor the progress and identify strengths and weaknesses at an individual student, group or whole class level.

To view all studyON Student and Teacher Editions for VCE, Preliminary and HSC subjects, click here

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