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Jacaranda Atlas wins a trifecta!

The Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition has won a third prestigious award - Best Book: NZCS Map Award 2011
The Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition was chosen as Best Book during the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference; New Zealand Cartographic Society Map Awards in November 2011. The judges stated: "The Jacaranda Atlas is synonymous with school students around Australia as the benchmark for geographic learning. Already having won numerous awards the Atlas and its digital companion Jacaranda myWorld Atlas have been recognised as leading learning resources and a benchmark for cartographic excellence" and was awarded the Best Book for the volume of information.

Other awards for the Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition:

Map of the Month 11/2011!
The Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition has won the second jury's prize in the category "Educational Cartographic Resources" at the 25th International Cartography Conference in Paris, France!
The jury stated: "Well-designed multimedia atlas on paper, produced with GIS-methods."

For more information visit: http://icaci.org/map-of-the-month-112011 

The Australian Geography Teachers' Association 2010 Award!
Jacaranda is proud to announce that the Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition has received an Australian Geography Teachers' Association (AGTA) 2010 Award in the Atlas Category.

Each of the entries was judged according to the quality of the product in terms of its currency, authenticity, application of contemporary understandings about how students learn, and use of cutting edge production and innovative style. 
See for yourself why the Jacaranda Atlas, 7th Edition has won these awards!

Jacaranda Atlas, 7E

Continuing Jacaranda's legacy as the pre-eminent publisher of school Atlases, 2010 marks the introduction of two exciting titles; the Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition and the Jacaranda myWorld Atlas.

Following extensive market research, the Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition has been thoroughly re-engineered to meet the changing needs of geography students and teachers. The 7th Edition has been segmented into four distinct sections including: GeoSkills & GeoConcepts, GeoReference, GeoTopics and World Statistics.

The Jacaranda 7th Edition includes access to 30 of the 200 geographical studies contained in the Jacaranda myWorld Atlas.
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Jacaranda myWorld Atlas

The unique Jacaranda myWorld digital atlas combines all the content of the iconic Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition with the latest online technology.

The myWorld Atlas three-dimensional globe enables students to explore their world, test their geographical skills, gain instant feedback and create their own case studies.
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Watch the myWorld Atlas video here!

Jacaranda Atlas eGuidePLUS
The Jacaranda Atlas, 7E is supported by Jacaranda Atlas 7th Edition eGuidePLUS for teachers. The eGuidePLUS provides instant access to supporting multimedia resources, making teacher planning and preparation easier.
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