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Getting started with eBookPLUS

eBookPLUS is the eBook platform that Jacaranda launched in 2008. It is the electronic version of the student textbook that also includes a range of additional digital resources such as videos, interactivities, links to relevant support material on the internet and downloadable documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and worksheets for easy customisation and editing.

Available for most subjects across all curriculums, eBookPLUS titles are accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device from the secure JacarandaPLUS (JacPLUS) portal.


Five steps to help you get started with eBookPLUS

1. Create a JacPLUS account

Teachers and students will need a JacPLUS account to access Jacaranda digital resources. Existing users can sign in using their email address and password at www.jacplus.com.au. New users can create a JacPLUS account at https://jacplus.com.au/servlet/NewUser.


2. Add eBookPLUS titles to the JacPLUS bookshelf

Once logged in to JacPLUS, teachers and student will need to input the registration code for each title. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


3. Provide instructions to students

Click here for prepared instructions that can be shared with students, either via email or posted to your school's intranet site. These are simple instructions to help students set up their JacPLUS account and add the necessary eBookPLUS titles to their JacPLUS bookshelf.


4. Understand how to use digital resources in the classroom

Here are a few ideas for using eBookPLUS as part of your teaching practice.

Videos and animations
Use rich media as a lesson starter. Engage your students with visual stimulus at the start of the lesson and then build on this with class discussion and research.

Copy and paste images
Copy a visually appealing image from one of your eBookPLUS titles and paste it into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation. Project the image on the screen with a data projector and use it to engage students at the start of the lesson and/or to stimulate further discussion and research.

Interactivities #1
Use an interactivity as a preâÂÂÂ?ÂÂÂ?test at the start of a unit or topic to understand what students already know. Then use the same interactivity at the end of the topic to see what students have learned.

Interactivities #2
For interactivities that lend themselves to testing values (e.g. in Mathematics and Science), ask students to test a range of values (e.g. in a graph) and then write down their conclusions.

Web links
Ask students to explore the links in a chapter and then find other useful websites. The new links can be added, along with their comments, to a class bookmarking web page for a particular topic area.

Digital docs #1
Ask students to download the digital docs in a chapter and answer the questions. Students can submit these via your Learning Management System if your school has one.

Digital docs #2
Download a digital doc (Word doc) and customise it by adding in your own questions. Save the updated document and send it to students to complete.

Projects PLUS
Select Jacaranda titles include Projects PLUS, unique online projects that provide opportunities for students to work together and improve their research skills. Teachers can log in and monitor the work being done in each group.

If it is difficult to access computers and/or the internet at school, students can access eBookPLUS and view the videos and interactivities at home as part of their homework.

Offline versions
For those times when internet connectivity is an issue, teachers can have confidence knowing that each eBookPLUS title provides an offline PDF as backup.


5. Know where to get help

eBookPLUS is easy to use but just in case, the Jacaranda Support portal has a variety of helpful articles with step-by-step instructions. If you're still stuck, you can also contact our award-winning Customer Support team for help by email at support@jacplus.com.au or telephone at 1 800 JACPLUS (1 800 522 7587). Available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Brisbane time.