Getting started with JacarandaPLUS digital resources

Jacaranda has a suite of digital resources to complement your teaching in 2012. These flexible and engaging targeted digital resources are designed to engage students and stimulate their learning.

Below are 7 steps to help you get started with using JacPLUS and our range of digital resources.

1. Getting Started
Below is a link to help you get started with using your JacPLUS resources at  

2. Setting up your JacPLUS Account
In the first instance, you and your students require a JacPLUS account. If you already have an account, you can simply login using your email address and password at  

If you do not have an account, you can quickly set one up by filling in the details at the link below.  

3. Adding titles to your JacPLUS bookshelf
Once you have created your account and you are logged in, you need to add the registration code. Once you have done this, the title will appear on your JacPLUS bookshelf.

The link below shows you how to do this.

4. Prepared instructions for students
Click here for prepared instructions for your students. These are simple instructions to help your students set up their JacPLUS account and add their registration code(s) for the title(s) they will be using.

Please feel free to send this attachment to your students via email or to upload this to the school intranet.

5. Using your eBookPLUS
Once you selected a title from the bookshelf, you can navigate through the chapters and access a wide range of additional rich media (e.g. eLessons and interactivities),digital documents and weblinks.  

6. Some simple ways to use eBookPLUS in your teaching
Click here to find out about some simple ways to use your eBookPLUS JacPLUS resources effectively in the classroom. 

7. Video tour
To view a short video overview of eBookPLUS, go to and select ‘Take the video tour'.

Please feel free to contact JacPLUS Support on 1800 JACPLUS should you have any queries or if you and your students requires further assistance with accessing JacPLUS.