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Getting started with studyON

studyON is a revolutionary online tool designed to maximise student exam results. Access everything you need for successful study, revision and exam practice in one place, at anytime, anywhere.

Teachers using studyON can:
• Monitor students' progress throughout the year
• Access activity and performance reports at an individual, group or class level
• Pinpoint areas in need of further revision
• View the studyON Teacher Edition User Guide for more information

Students using studyON can:
• Watch multimedia on key concepts and engage in interactivities that enhance your understanding
• Practice with official and new exam questions
• Track your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses
• View the studyON Student Edition User Guide for more information

To get you started, here are links to our studyON user guides.

Finding your way around studyON
User Guide Overview
Navigating through studyON

Using the studyON Tabs
Once you are in your studyON title, you can navigate through the tabs to access a wide range of additional rich media (e.g. eLessons and interactivities), digital documents and weblinks.
See More
Do More
Read More
My Notes

Sitting practice questions
studyON contains a bank of past VCAA and BOS exam questions as well as 100s of extra exam practice questions with instant feedback and an online progress tracker to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses. Get started here:
Accessing Practice Questions
Answer and Mark your Practice Questions
Sit and Answer Past Exam Papers
View your Results

On the run?
Why not download all the studyON concepts screens and ‘See more' videos and animations by topic?
Download Podpacks

Teacher Connect
Connect to your students and watch them progress.
Teacher Edition User Guide Overview
Connect to your students
Set up your Classes
Monitor your students' progress
Report on your students achievements

Need some extra help?
Please feel free to contact JacPLUS Support on 1800 JACPLUS should you have any queries or if you and your students requires further assistance with accessing studyON.