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Jacaranda Atlas for the Australian Curriculum 8E (Includes Myworld Atlas)

Jacaranda Atlas for the Australian Curriculum 8E (Includes Myworld Atlas)
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ISBN13 9781118568736
Pub date July 2013
Pages 240
RRP $64.95
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Jacaranda will be publishing a 9th edition of the Jacaranda Atlas, coming in 2017 for use in 2018. The updated Atlas will be available as a hardcover atlas with eBookPLUS. Please visit the Jacaranda Atlas page for more information.

With the Jacaranda Atlas 8th Edition and myWorld Atlas, Jacaranda maintains its position as the leading publisher of school Atlases. It has been completely updated and revised to address the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. With the inclusion of Jacaranda’s award-winning digital atlas, myWorld Atlas, this package combines print and digital.


• Includes hyrdological and landscape hazards maps for each continent — Australian landscapes and landforms
• Provides a comprehensive explanation of the seven concepts that underpin Geography

Jacaranda’s updated myWorld Atlas includes:
• New Australian Curriculum topics and data categories
• New case studies for each year level at different scales – local, national, regional and global.
• Updated interactive GIS style maps
• Stunning video footage from National Geographic & the ABC
• Over 1000 interactive, video, multiple-choice and short-answer questions
• Student progress tracker

Jacaranda Atlas for the Australian Curriculum 8th Edition and myWorld Atlas is a hard-copy student text, accompanied by the digital-only product, myWorldAtlas.

How to use this atlas iv


What is an atlas 2
What is a map? 4
Types of maps in this atlas 6
Locating places 8
Understanding direction 10
Understanding scale 12
Interpreting aerial photographs and
satellite images 14
Interpreting height on maps 16
Recognising landforms 18
Understanding topographic maps 20
Map projections and time zones 22
Space 24
place 26
Interconnection 28
Change 30
Environment 32
Scale 34
Sustainability 36


Natural features 40
Hazards 42
Human features 44
Weather and climate 46
Queensland 48
Brisbane 50
New South Wales 52
Sydney 54
Australian Capital territory 56
Canberra 58
Victoria 60
Melbourne 62
Tasmania 64
Hobart 66
South Australia 68
Adelaide 70
Western Australia 72
Perth 74
Northern territory 76
Darwin 78
Natural features 80
Human features 82

Pacific Ocean 84
Pacific nations 86
New guinea 88
New Zealand
A land of fire and ice 90

Natural features 92
Hazards 94
Human features 96
South-East Asia
Indonesia’s volcanoes 98

East Asia
The South–North Water Transfer Project 100
Japan and Korea
Tokyo’s food solutions 102

South Asia
India’s population changes 104

Brunei Bay (Teluk Brunei) 106

Middle East
Israel and neighbours 108

Natural features 110
Hazards 112
Human features 114

North-west Europe
Aquaculture in Norway 116
Southern and Central Europe
The Rhine-Main-Danube Waterway 118

Russia and Eurasia
The Aral Sea 120

Natural features 122
Hazards 124
Human features 126

Northern Africa
Fighting the Sahara 128

Southern Africa
Madagascar: threatened environment 130

North America
Natural features 132
Hazards 134
Human features 136

Alberta tar sands 138

United States of America
Yellowstone National Park 140

Central America
The Inter-American Highway 142

South America
Natural features 144
Hazards 146
Human features 148

Northern South America
Amazon Basin 150

Southern South America
Atacama Desert 152

Countries 154
Continents and regions 156
Climate 158
Vegetation 160
Soils 162
Culture 164
Health 166
Liveability 168
World Heritage sites 170


Year 7 Geography 172
Year 8 Geography 173
Year 9 Geography 174
Year 10 Geography 175

How to use the gazetteer index 176
Gazetteer index 177
Subject index 228
Acknowledgements 230

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