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Spyclass Maths Quest 8 (Online Purchase)

Spyclass Maths Quest 8 (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9781118620564
Pub date December 2014
Pages 0
RRP $24.95
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SpyClass Maths Quest 8 is an exciting game that combines comic book-style art with problem-based learning to allow students to hone their problem-solving skills in an engaging and immersive environment. By completing tasks, students assist the games’ protagonists, three teenage spies named Dan, Jesse and Toby, to fulfil a range of missions set in exotic locations.

For different learning styles and levels
Students rate their ability (at either ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ or ‘gold’ level) and the game steers the student in the direction of challenges suited to the level they have defined. They are also able to adjust this to try easier or harder challenges throughout the game.

Linked to Maths Quest
Spy Class has been designed to align directly with Maths Quest. Each challenge links to a relevant dot point in the textbook, so if students get stuck on challenges assistance is only a click away.

In-game reward system
Prizes and stars given for each challenge completed correctly, offering the incentive of reaching the end of the adventure and building a profile with all gold stars and other prizes unlocked.

Curriculum Links
All challenges are clearly mapped against the curriculum, allowing teachers to easily see exactly which skills are being tested.

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