StudyOn VCE Legal Studies Units 3&4 (Online Purchase)

StudyOn VCE Legal Studies Units 3&4 (Online Purchase)
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Unit 3 Law-making
AOS1: Parliament and the citizen

Topic 1 - Principles of the parliamentary system
Topic 2 - The structure of parliament in Australia
Topic 3 - Initiating change in the law
Topic 4 - Changing the law through parliament
Topic 5 - Effectiveness of parliament as a law-maker

AOS2: Constitution and the protection of rights
Topic 1 - Legislative power in the Constitution
Topic 2 - Changing the Constitution through referenda
Topic 3 - Changing the balance of power in the Constitution
Topic 4 - Protection of rights in the Constitution
Topic 5 - An international comparison of rights protection

AOS3: Role of the courts in law-making
Topic 1 - The doctrine of precedent
Topic 2 - The two ways courts make law
Topic 3 - The relationship between courts and parliament in law-making
Topic 4 - Strengths and weaknesses of law-making through the courts

Unit 4 Resolution and justice
AOS1: Dispute resolution methods

Topic 1 - The court hierarchy
Topic 2 - The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Topic 3 - How courts and tribunals resolve disputes

AOS2: Court processes, procedures, and engaging in justice
Topic 1 - The adversary system of trial
Topic 2 - The inquisitorial system of trial
Topic 3 - Resolving criminal disputes
Topic 4 - Resolving civil disputes
Topic 5 - The jury system
Topic 6 - Effectiveness of the legal system


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