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  • Economics Down Under Book 2 VCE Economics Units 3&4 9E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)

Economics Down Under Book 2 VCE Economics Units 3&4 9E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)

Economics Down Under Book 2 VCE Economics Units 3&4 9E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9780730332176
Pub date January 2017
Pages 0
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Jacaranda Economics Down Under 2 VCE Economics Units 3 and 4, 9th Edition eBookPLUS

This digital title provides comprehensive coverage of the new VCAA Study Design for VCE Economics in 2017–2021. It is delivered on eBookPLUS, an electronic version of the student text that also includes a range of digital resources.

The latest editions of Jacaranda Economics Down Under VCE series include these key features:

  • Written specifically to address the VCE Economics Syllabus, with a Learning Sequence at the start of the text to help guide teaching
  • Provides an unmatched visual learning experience, with complementary interactivities for every question
  • Language carefully selected to appeal to students of different abilities
  • Practice questions at the end of subtopics reinforce learning
  • A range of videos visually explain concepts to engage students while encouraging in-depth understanding
  • Fully updated with new statistics and graphs, providing further extension and alternative explanations of key concepts
  • Provides insights into the modern Australian economy by exploring issues of interest in Economics through a wide range of relevant business examples and topical case studies

Unit 3: Australia’s economic prosperity  
Chapter 1: Introduction to microeconomics: the market system, resource allocation and government intervention
Chapter 2: Domestic macroeconomic goals
Chapter 3: Australia and the world economy
Unit 4: Managing the economy            
Chapter 4: Aggregate demand policies and domestic economic stability              
Chapter 5: Aggregate supply policies      
Chapter 6: End-of-year examination
Chapter 7: Economics dictionary

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