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Jacaranda Digital Citizenship Powered By Cyberpass(o)

Jacaranda Digital Citizenship Powered By Cyberpass(o)
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ISBN13 9780730343745
Pub date February 2018
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Keeping children safe online is more important today than ever before. That's why parents and the wider community need to prioritise internet safety for kids, both in schools and at home. However, this is about more than just cyber safety education or learning how to prevent cyber bullying - it's about making sure children develop the skills and knowledge they need to be safe and responsible when using technology. This concept is known as digital citizenship.

How Jacaranda Digital Citizenship keeps children safe online

Designed specifically for children aged 10 - 14, Jacaranda Digital Citizenship powered by CyberPass makes it easy and fun to teach kids about online safety. This new digital resource features a series of eight online quizzes on important topics including: digital and media literacy, cyber safety and cyber bullying, and common online behaviours such as how to research, communicate, socialise and purchase online. Each quiz poses a range of online scenarios and provides children with immediate, detailed feedback on their responses. For incorrect answers, they receive additional information about internet safety (such as videos, games and checklists) and can re-take the questions when ready. Everything is accessed via the secure JacarandaPLUS portal so there's no need to send children to external, and potentially unsafe, websites.

Unlike other cyber safety programs or online tools, kids progress at their own pace and learning is personalised based on their individual knowledge gaps. Parents receive a free login with every purchase and are encouraged to go through the quizzes, either alone or with their children - it's a fun and easy way to start a conversation about online safety.

Fully accredited by the Australian Government, parents can have complete confidence that Jacaranda Digital Citizenship powered by CyberPass will help keep their children safe online by making sure they gain the right skills and knowledge to participate in a digitally - enabled world.

Key features:
  • Free login for parents so they can try it out and be involved in their child s education
  • 8 quizzes with additional resources (videos, games and checklists) to enhance learning
  • Individual dashboard, visible to children and their parents, to track progress and results
  • Personalised learning to address individual gaps in knowledge
  • Accreditation by the Australian Government's Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner
  • 24/7 access for 12 months from the secure JacarandaPLUS portal

How Jacaranda Digital Citizenship helps teach child internet safety in schools

Are you an educational professional? Digital citizenship education is just as important for schools as it is for parents. Not only is keeping children safe online part of a school's duty of care, it's also a key component of the curriculum. The challenge, however, is knowing how digital citizenship (or digital literacy) skills and knowledge need to be addressed across the learning areas.

Jacaranda Digital Citizenship powered by CyberPass makes it easy - students work through curriculum-aligned quizzes, at their own pace, and teachers have visibility into results to identify knowledge gaps and intervene at the right time.

Schools can purchase an institutional license for Jacaranda Digital Citizenship powered by CyberPass for an entire year level or select classrooms. Click here to learn more and speak to a Jacaranda Sales Consultant