Jacaranda English 7 LearnON (Online Purchase)

Jacaranda English 7 LearnON (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9780730362685
Pub date November 2018
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Jacaranda Maths Quest 12 Mathematics Standard 2 for NSW 5e eGuidePLUS

This digital-only teacher edition includes an electronic version of the entire student textbook (eBookPLUS) plus a rich bank of teacher support documents such as printables, fully worked solutions, answers to all questions and practical activities, module planners and a Syllabus grid (mapping the Syllabus to chapter contents).

Topic 1. My world, your world
Topic 2. Culture remix
Topic 3. The writer's craft
Topic 4. Narrative worlds
Topic 5. The play's the thing
Topic 6. Persuasion: The gentle art
Topic 7. The edge of imagination
Topic 8. Digital storytelling
Topic 9. Book trailers