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  • Jacaranda Geography Alive 7 Australian Curriculum 2E LearnON & Print

Jacaranda Geography Alive 7 Australian Curriculum 2E LearnON & Print

Jacaranda Geography Alive 7 Australian Curriculum 2E LearnON & Print
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ISBN13 9780730346265
Pub date October 2017
Pages 232
RRP $69.95
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Jacaranda Geography Alive 7 Australian Curriculum, 2nd Edition learnON & Print

This combined print and digital title provides 100% coverage of the Australian Curriculum for Geography. The textbook comes with a complimentary activation code for learnON, the powerful digital learning platform making learning personalised and visible for both students and teachers.

The latest editions of Jacaranda Geography Alive Australian Curriculum series include these key features:

  • SkillBuilders that provide an in-depth learning sequence to help students master more than 70 geographical skills across the Jacaranda Geography Alive series
  • Geographical Concepts section that defines and explains each of the seven concepts, with activities to help students develop and apply their understanding
  • Links to case studies in the Jacaranda myWorldAtlas for teachers seeking supplementary content to develop deeper student learning
  • Topics structured into subtopics that present sections of content to suit classroom teaching practice
  • ‘Review and Respond’ sections that help students consolidate knowledge, skills and concepts, and demonstrate progress
  • Reading content with integrated media that provides a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience

For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs.
To complement the Geography Alive series, Jacaranda Atlas 9e and MyWorld Atlas (digital) is available for Years 7–10.

How to use the Jacaranda Geography Alive resource suite viii

Acknowledgements xii

1 The world of Geography 1

1.1 Overview 1

1.2 Geographicalconcepts 5

1.3 Review 13


2 Water as a resource 17

2.1 Overview 17

2.2 What is a resource? 18

2.3 What are Australia’s natural resources? 21

2.4 How do we use non-renewable energy? 24

2.5 Should Australia focus on using renewable energy? 27

2.6 SkillBuilder: Constructing a pie graph online

2.7Is water a renewablere source? 30

2.8 SkillBuilder: Annotating a photograph online

2.9 How is groundwater used as a resource? 32

2.10 How do Aboriginal peoples use groundwater? 35

2.11 Review online

3 Our blue planet: water 41

3.1 Overview 41

3.2 How much water is there in the world? 42

3.3 What are some amazing water facts? 45

3.4 How does Australia’s climate affect water availability? 49

3.5 SkillBuilder: How to read a map online

3.6 How is water used by people? 52

3.7 SkillBuilder: Drawing a linegraph online

3.8 How is water used by indigenous peoples? online

3.9 Does everyone have enough water? 56

3.10 How does access to water improve health? 59

3.11 What is virtual water? 63

3.12 How does water quality change? 66

3.13 How can water be managed? 69

3.14 Review online

4 Too much,too little 75

4.1Overview 75

4.2 What is weather? 76

4.3 SkillBuilder: Reading a weather map online

4.4 How is a natural hazard different from a natural disaster? 80

4.5 Why does Australia experience droughts? 82

4.6 What are the impacts of drought? 85

4.7 Why does Australia experience bushfires? online

4.8 What happened on Black Saturday? online

4.9 How can dry periods be managed to reduce the impact of drought? 88

4.10 Why does it flood? 92

4.11 What are the impacts of floods? 94

4.12 How do different places manage floods? 97

4.13 SkillBuilder: Interpreting diagrams online

4.14 Review online

5 Blow wind, blow 101

5.1 Overview 101

5.2 Why does the wind blow? 102

5.3 How strong is the wind? 105

5.4 SkillBuilder: Cardinal points:wind roses

5.5 How do thunder storms form? 108

5.6 What is a cyclone? 113

5.7 What impact did Cyclone Yasi have? online

5.8 SkillBuilder: Creating a simple column or bar graph online

5.9 What are the impacts of typhoons in Asia? 120

5.10 How do tornadoes impact people and the environment? 123

5.11 What was the impact of the May 2013 tornado in the United States? online

5.12 What happens when water turns to ice and snow? 127

5.13 Are there water hazards in Mongolia? online

5.14 How do we respond to extreme weather and water events? 132

5.15 Review online

6 Fieldwork inquiry:What is the water quality of my local catchment? 135

6.1 Overview 135

6.2 Process 135

6.3 Review 137


7 Where do Australians live? 141

7.1 Overview 141

7.2 What creates a sense of place? 142

7.3 Why do people live in certain places? 144

7.4 Where do you live and why? 147

7.5 Why do Australians live in remote places? 150

7.6 SkillBuilder: Using topographic maps online

7.7What draws people to rural areas? 153

7.8 Are rural communities sustainable? online

7.9 What are ‘lifestyle’ places? 155

7.10 Where is my place? 160

7.11 Where would you like to live? 162

7.12 SkillBuilder: Creating a concept diagram online

7.13 Review online

8 People and places 168

8.1 Overview 168

8.2 Do most Australians live near water? 169

8.3 SkillBuilder: Understanding satellite images online

8.4 Where is the fastest growing place? online

8.5 SkillBuilder: Using alpha numeric grid references online

8.6 What is life like in a country town? 173

8.7 How are places influenced by seasons? online

8.8 Do places change overtime? online

8.9 What are isolated settlements like? 180

8.10 Are all settlements permanent? online

8.11 What is Old Delhi like? online

8.12 How is modern India changing? online

8.13 Review online

9 Liveable places 184

9.1 Overview 184

9.2 What is liveability? 185

9.3 Where are the most live able cities? 187

9.4 SkillBuilder: Drawing a climate graph online

9.5 What makes Melbourne the world’s most liveable city? online

9.6 Is being the most liveable city sustainable? 190

9.7 Port Moresby—a less liveable city? 193

9.8 Dhaka—a less liveable city? online

9.9 Is there enough to eat? 195

9.10 How can liveability be improved? 198

9.11 What makes a place liveable for you? 201

9.12 SkillBuilder: Creating and analysing overlay maps online

9.13 How could my community be made more liveable? 204

9.14 Review online

10 Geographical inquiry: What is my place like? 208

10.1 Overview 208

10.2 Process 209

10.3 Review 210

Glossary 211

Index online

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