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  • Jacaranda Maths Quest 9 Victorian Curriculum 1E (Revised) LearnON & Print

Jacaranda Maths Quest 9 Victorian Curriculum 1E (Revised) LearnON & Print

Jacaranda Maths Quest 9 Victorian Curriculum 1E (Revised) LearnON & Print
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ISBN13 9780730348559
Pub date November 2017
Pages 720
RRP $79.95
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Jacaranda Maths Quest 9 VC 1e Revised learnON & Print
This combined print and digital title provides 100% coverage of the 2017 Victorian Curriculum for Mathematics.

The textbook comes with a complimentary activation code for learnON, the immersive digital learning platform that replaces eBookPLUS. With learnON, students enjoy:

  • media, such as videos and interactivities, directly embedded within the reading content (no more opening in a separate browser tab!)
  • the ability to personalise their digital tile through notes, highlighting and favourites
  • interactive questions for every topic, with feedback for every question
  • a dashboard showing individual progress and results

For teachers, learnON includes additional teacher resources such as quarantined questions and answers, curriculum grids and work programs—no separate eGuide purchase is required.

The revised print edition has been updated to ensure 1:1 correspondence with the learnON eBook, for a seamless teaching and learning experience.

To complement the Maths Quest series, assessON Maths Quest is available for Years 7-10

Topic 1: Numeracy 1

Topic 2: Number skills

Topic 3: Algebra

Topic 4: Linear equations

Topic 5: Congruence and similarity

Topic 6: Pythagoras and trigonometry

Topic 7: Linear and non-linear graphs

Topic 8: Proportion and rates

Topic 9: Numeracy 2

Topic 10: Indices

Topic 11: Financial mathematics

Topic 12: Measurement

Topic 13: Probability

Topic 14: Statistics

Topic 15: Numeracy 3

Topic 16: Quadratic algebra

Topic 17: Quadratic functions

Topic 18: Programming

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