Jacaranda Physics 11 4E for NSW eBookPLUS & Print

Jacaranda Physics 11 4E for NSW eBookPLUS & Print
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ISBN13 9780730347774
Pub date November 2017
Pages 424
RRP $89.95
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Jacaranda Physics 11 for NSW 4e eBookPLUS with Print
This combined print and digital title provides one-to-one correspondence with the new Physics Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) and achieves all the Working Scientifically outcomes and Knowledge and Understanding outcomes.

The new edition features fully worked solutions for every sample problem, questions to reinforce, check and extend learning, and practical activities for open-ended problem solving. Each topic contains a summary of all of the key learning points, as well as two topic-level exercises comprised of 30+ questions.

The eBookPLUS provides students with opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills by engaging with digital resources including videos and interactivities exclusive to the series.

Chapter 1: Learning to think like a physicist         

Chapter 2: Motion in a straight line         

Chapter 3: Motion in a plane      

Chapter 4: Forces           

Chapter 5: Energy and work       

Chapter 6: Momentum, energy and simple systems         

Chapter 7: Wave properties       

Chapter 8: Wave behaviour

Chapter 9: Sound waves

Chapter 10: Ray model of light

Chapter 11: Thermodynamics

Chapter 12: Electrostatics

Chapter 13: Electric circuits

Chapter 14: Magnetism

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