Jacaranda Physics 12 4E for NSW eBookPLUS & Print

Jacaranda Physics 12 4E for NSW eBookPLUS & Print
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ISBN13 9780730356486
Pub date August 2018
Pages 480
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Jacaranda Physics 12 for NSW 4e Print & eBookPLUS

This combined print and digital title provides one-to-one correspondence with the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) and achieves all the Working Scientifically outcomes and Knowledge and Understanding outcomes. Written specifically to help teachers address and unpack the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) and spark the interest of students studying Physics.

The new edition of Jacaranda Physics 12 for NSW 4eincludes these key updates:

  • Written specifically to address the new Physics Stage 6 Syllabus, including the learning objectives at the start of every topic
  • Provides an unmatched visual learning experience, with complementary interactivities and fully worked solutions for every question
  • Language has been carefully selected to appeal to students of all abilities and practice questions at the end of subtopics reinforce learning
  • Working Scientifically and Knowledge and Understanding activities are suggested throughout the topics to help teachers plan
  • Each topic contains a summary of all of the key learning points as well as two topic-level exercises comprised of 30+ questions


An access code for the eBookPLUS comes free on the inside cover of your printed text, so you can make the most of both the print and digital formats.

Chapter 1: Projectile motion       

Chapter 2: Circular motion          

Chapter 3: Motion and gravitational fields           

Chapter 4: Electric and magnetic fields   

Chapter 5: The Motor effect       

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic induction     

Chapter 7: Applications of the motor effect         

Chapter 8: Exploring the electromagnetic spectrum

Chapter 9: The wave model of light         

Chapter 10: The quantum model of light

Chapter 11: Light and special relativity

Chapter 12: Elemental origins

Chapter 13: The structure of the atom

Chapter 14: The atom and quantum mechanics

Chapter 15: Properties of the nucleus

Chapter 16: Deep inside the atom