Knowledge Quest English 1 eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

Knowledge Quest English 1 eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)
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Pub date December 2011
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Knowledge Quest English 1 eGuidePLUS is a digital teacher support resource for the Knowledge Quest 1 Workbook, including all the answers to the workbook worksheets and additional NAPLAN-style practice tests.

Module 1 Grammar
Topic 1.1 Nouns
Topic 1.2 Verbs
Topic 1.3 Pronouns
Topic 1.4 Adjectives
Topic 1.5 Adverbs
Topic 1.6 Conjunctions
Topic 1.7 Clauses
Topic 1.8 Sentences
Topic 1.9 Paragraphs
Module 2 Punctuation
Topic 2.1 Within sentences
Module 3 Spelling
Topic 3.1 Vowel sounds
Topic 3.2 Consonants
Topic 3.3 Generalisations
Module 4 Vocabulary
Topic 4.1 Word building
Topic 4.2 Word relationships
Topic 4.3 Word meanings
Topic 4.4 Literary devices
Module 5 Reading Comprehension
Topic 5.1 Predicting
Topic 5.2 Context clues
Topic 5.3 Inferences
Topic 5.4 Summarising
Topic 5.5 Cause and effect
Topic 5.6 Comparing and contrasting



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