Macquarie File Dictionary 2E

Macquarie File Dictionary 2E
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ISBN13 9780701634490
Pub date June 1999
Pages 144
RRP $24.95
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YEARS 7 - 12

The Macquarie File Dictionary 2E and its companion thesaurus are specially designed to fit into students' ringbinders.  Both resources include a good coverage of Australian words and usages.

The dictionary includes extensive word lists and appendices, as well as a respelling pronunciation guide and an addition of Australian and New Zealand labels for selected words.  The headwords in the dictionary have been updated to reflect changes in society and technology.  This budget-priced Macquarie title provides a handy and portable resource for students.

How to use the dictionary
Abbreviations and symbols used in the dictionary
Pronunciation guide
Macquire File Dictionary
Grammar guide
Spelling guide
Greek and Latin roots
Prefixes and Suffixed
Singular and plural forms
Metric conversion
Number prefixes
Australia and the Olympics
Roman numerals
Common abbreviations
Australia's Prime Ministers

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