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Macquarie Primary Dictionary + Bonus Primary Thesaurus

Macquarie Primary Dictionary + Bonus Primary Thesaurus
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ISBN13 9781742462905
Pub date June 2013
Pages 0
RRP $29.95
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The Macquarie Primary Dictionary is based on its forerunner, the Macquarie Junior Dictionary.

Under its new title, it has been fully revised based on the research undertaken for the fifth edition of The Macquarie Dictionary. As a primary dictionary, it is designed specifically to develop and consolidate the language acquisition of upper primary students.

Key features include:
• Over 12,300 colour headwords with definitions in clear, natural language
• More than 700 new words including words with an environmental focus such as carbon capture and ecological footprint
• Sample phrases and sentences to show words in context
• A simple re-spelling pronunciation guide
• Other words - synonyms within dictionary entries, particularly for overused words
• Word building , Word use and Word history (including Aboriginal language origins)
• Shaded colour panels within the body of the dictionary for punctuation and words often confused
• Appendices with grammar and spelling rules, text types, Australia's Prime Ministers, floral and faunal emblems and other useful information

The Macquarie Primary Dictionary is not just another dictionary. It is an essential reference tool in the Australian primary classroom. Its regular use will encourage young readers and writers to use, explore and enjoy the richness of our language.

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