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Maths Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E & eBookPLUS

Maths Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E & eBookPLUS
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ISBN13 9780730317555
Pub date July 2014
Pages 736
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Jacaranda will be publishing a 3rd edition of Jacaranda Maths Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum in 2017 for use in 2018. The updated title will be available as print or a new eBook powered by learnON, the immersive digital learning platform. Please visit the Jacaranda Australian Curriculum Mathematics page for more information.

Maths Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E with eBookPLUS has been updated based on in-depth research and feedback from practising teachers of Mathematics.


Worked solutions available to students and teachers for every problem solving and reasoning question.
• An enhanced emphasis on both problem solving & reasoning, creating greater understanding of both mathematical concepts and skills.
Assessment material incorporating the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.
• Improvements to student engagement, with enhanced Individual Pathway activities and new interactivities.
Teacher support available: eGuidePLUS provides online access to the student textbook, teacher notes on each lesson, a range of activities to engage students and end of top assessment items.Maths Quest 7 for Australian Curriculum 2E and eBookPLUS is a hard-copy student text accompanied by eBookPLUS.

> eBookPLUS resources include:

• Access from any digital device PC/MAC/iPad/Android Tablet.
Worksheets - Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing.
Interactivities and games to reinforce and enhance student learning.
eLessons - engaging video clips and supporting material.
Weblinks to relevant support material on the internet.
ProjectsPLUS - unique ICT-based projects that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork.

1   Numeracy 1

2   Positive integers

3   Indices and primes

4   Rational numbers

5   Geometry

6   Decimals

7   Percentages

8   Algebra

9   Measurement

10  Probability

11  Numeracy 2

12  Positive and negative integers

13  Linear equations

14  Representing and interpreting data

15  Coordinates and the Cartesian place

16  Transformations

17  Views of 3-D shapes

18  Money

19  Numeracy 3

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