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  • Maths Quest 9 for New South Wales Australian Curriculum Edition, Stages 5.1,5.2 and 5.3 & eBookPLUS

Maths Quest 9 for New South Wales Australian Curriculum Edition, Stages 5.1,5.2 and 5.3 & eBookPLUS

Maths Quest 9 for New South Wales Australian Curriculum Edition, Stages 5.1,5.2 and 5.3 & eBookPLUS
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ISBN13 9781118599549
Pub date July 2013
Pages 752
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Jacaranda will be publishing a 2nd edition of Jacaranda Maths Quest 9 Stage 5 for the NSW Australian curriculum in 2017 for use in 2018. The Stage 5 edition also now covers the 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 streams in a single text, with each sub-section clearly marked to show the stream that it covers. The new edition has been updated to comprehensively cover 100% of the NSW Australian curriculum, and will be available as print or a new eBook powered by learnON, the immersive digital learning platform. Please visit the Jacaranda NSW Australian curriculum Mathematics page for more information.

Maths Quest 9 for NSW Australian curriculum Edition Stages 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 with eBookPLUS is a pronounced improvement on the already highly regarded Maths Quest Australian Curriculum series, our latest resources for NSW Australian Curriculum Mathematics have been updated based on in-depth research and feedback from teachers practising in NSW.

• Activities such as Code puzzles, online Word Searches, Crosswords and Sudoku puzzles.
• Includes a series of videos entitled the Story of Mathematics that help students to place the development of mathematical ideas in context.
• Students are provided with Investigations in every chapter and online projects provided in the ProjectsPLUS platform allowing for collaboration and trackable, connected, group work.

Maths Quest 10 NSW Stages 5.1 & 5.2 Pathway Australian Curriculm Edition and eBookPLUS is a hard-copy student text accompanied by eBookPLUS.

> eBookPLUS resources include:

• Access from any digital device PC/MAC/iPad/Android Tablet.
Worksheets - Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing.
Interactivities and games to reinforce and enhance student learning.
eLessons - engaging video clips and supporting material.
Weblinks to relevant support material on the internet.
ProjectsPLUS - unique ICT-based projects that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork.

Introduction ix
About eBookPLUS xii
Acknowledgements xiii

Chapter 1. Numeracy  2

Chapter 2. Number skills  28

Chapter 3. Algebra  60

Chapter 4. Linear equations  112

Chapter 5. Congruence and similarity  144

Chapter 6. Trigonometry  186

Chapter 7. Linear and non-linear graphs  224

Chapter 8. Proportion and rates  280

Chapter 9. Problem solving I  318

Chapter 10. Indices  334

Chapter 11. Financial mathematics  360

Chapter 12. Measurement  402

Chapter 13. Probability  458

Chapter 14. Statistics  518 

Chapter 15. Problem solving II  584

Chapter 16. Quadratic algebra  620

Chapter 17. Quadratic functions  666

Glossary 725

Index 731