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Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 4E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)

Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 4E eBookPLUS (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9781118606469
Pub date October 2013
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Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 eBookPLUS (Online Purchase) is written for the 2013 Mathematics General stage 6 Syllabus. This text provides comprehensive coverage of the five syllabus areas: Financial mathematics, Data and Statistics, Measurement, Probability and Algebraic modelling.


• Two new Focus Studies – ‘Mathematics and Health’ & ‘Mathematics and Resources’.
• Further development questions in every exercise
• Full colour with stimulating photographs and graphics
• Carefully graded exercises with many skill and application problems, including multiple-choice questions
• Easy to follow Worked examples in the Think-Write format
• Cross references throughout exercises to relevant Worked Examples
• Comprehensive chapter reviews with practice examination questions
• A glossary of mathematical terms that define the terminology introduced in each unit
• Investigations, spreadsheet applications and more

Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 4E eBookPLUS
is digital-only version of the textbook. eBookPLUS includes a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (http://www.jacplus.com.au/).

> eBookPLUS resources include:

• Access from any digital device: PC/MAC/iPad/Android Tablet.
Worksheets - Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing.
Interactivities and games to reinforce and enhance student learning.
eLessons - engaging video clips and supporting material.
Weblinks to relevant support material on the internet.
ProjectsPLUS - unique ICT-based projects that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork.
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Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 4e

Chapter 1: Credit and borrowing

1A Credit and borrowing
1B Flat rate interest
1C Loan repayments
1D Present value and future value

Chapter 2: Annuities and loan repayments

2A Future value of an annuity
2B Present value of an annuity
2C Loan repayments
2D Loan repayment graphs

Chapter 3: Interpreting sets of data

3A Grouped data
3B Measures of location and spread
3C Looking closer at data sets
3D Comparison of data sets
3E Skewness

Chapter 4: The normal distribution

4A z-scores
4B Comparison of scores
4C Distribution of scores

Chapter 5: Sampling and populations

5A Sampling
5B Samples and means
5C Estimating populations

Chapter 6: Further applications of area and volume

6A Relative error
6B Area of parts of a circle
6C Area of composite shapes
6D Simpson’s rule
6E Surface area of some prisms
6F Surface area od cylinders and spheres
6G Volume of pyramids, cones and spheres
6H Volume of composite solids
6I Error in measurement

Chapter 7 Applications of trigonometry

7A Review of right-angled triangles
7B Using the Sine Rule to find side lengths
7C Using the Sine Rule to find angles
7D Using the Cosine Rule to find side lengths
7E Using the Cosine Rule to find angles
7F Area of triangles
7G Bearings
7H Radial surveys

Chapter 8 Spherical geometry

8A Arc lengths
8B Great circles and small circles
8C Latitude and longitude
8D Distances on the earth’s surface
8E Time zones

Chapter 9 Multi-stage events and applications of probability

9A Counting techniques
9B Tree diagrams
9C Probability and counting techniques
9D Expected outcomes

Chapter 10 Further algebraic skills and techniques

10A Addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions
10B The index laws
10C Expanding and simplifying
10D Solving equations
10E Equations and formulas

Chapter 11 Modelling linear relationships

11A Linear functions
11B Direct variation
11C Linear models
11D Problem-solving
11E Simultaneous equations

Chapter 12 Modelling non-linear relationships

12A Quadratic functions
12B Cubics, hyperbolas and exponential functions
12C Variation
12D Inverse variation
12E Graphing physical phenomena

Chapter 13 Focus study: Mathematics and Health

13.1 Body measurements
13.1A Drawing scatterplots
13.1B Correlation
13.1C Fitting a regression line
13.2 Medication
13.2D Units of measurement
13.2E Dosage rates
13.2F Life expectancy

Chapter 14 Focus study: Mathematics and resources

14.1 Water availability and usage
14.1A Interpreting information about water usage
14.1B Collecting and using water
14.2 Dams, land and catchment areas
14.2C Dams, land and catchment areas
14.3 Energy and sustainability
14.3D Energy and sustainability

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