Nature of Biology Book 2 4E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

Nature of Biology Book 2 4E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)
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Nature of Biology Book 2 4E eGuidePLUS for teachers is an electronic version of the eBookPLUS and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the jacarandaPLUS website (

Your eGuidePLUS resources include:
 • Answers to all Quick-check and chapter review questions in the textbook
 • Answers to all activities in the Activity Manual
 • Advice and suggestions for activities
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1 The chemical nature of cells
Chapter review
1.1 Extraction of DNA from wheat germ
1.2 Building a model of DNA and RNA
1.3 What's in a protein?

2 Membranes and cell organelles
Chapter review
2.1 Cells and cell organelles - how big?
2.2 Semi-permeability and membrane structure
2.3 The effect of temperature on plasma membranes

3 Biochemical processes in cells
Chapter review
3.1 Enzymes in action
3.2 Photosynthesis and respiration - a balance
3.3 Respiration involving oxygen - aerobic respiration
3.4 Finding out about photosynthesis

4 Molecular biology in medicine
Chapter review
4.1 Issues associated with the Human Genome Project
4.2 Molecular biology - making decisions
4.3 Bioethics - considering issues

5 Coordination and regulation: endocrine systems
Chapter review
5.1 Can hormones make a difference?
5.2 Plant response: apical dominance
5.3 Maintaining the balance
5.4 Glucose ups and downs

Chapter 6: Coordination and regulation: nervous systems
Chapter review
Activity 6.1: How are your reflexes?
Activity 6.2: Hot stuff

7 Infection and disease
Chapter review
7.1 Micro-organisms - where are they found?
7.2 Bacterial response to disinfectants and antibiotics
7.3 Parasitic organisms - unwelcome quests
7.4 Protecting your pet

8 Immunity: defence against disease
Chapter review
8.1 How to avoid rejections - transplantation and the immune system
8.2 Planning an overseas trip
8.3 Immune response to antigens

9 Genes, chromosomes and patterns of inheritance
Chapter review
9.1 Karyotypes and meiosis
9.2 Modelling meiosis
9.3 How much do I owe grandma?
9.4 What chance of being Rhesus positive?
9.5 Two genes at a time
9.6 Family portraits - what pattern is this?
9.7 Genetics with Drosophila
9.8 Environmental influences on phenotype

10 Nature, structure and organisation of the genetic material
Chapter review
10.1 Copying genes
10.2 Sequencing a genome

11 Gene function: genes in action
Chapter review
11.1 Using the genetic code to synthesise a polypeptide
11.2 Changing your genes

12 Manipulating DNA: tools and techniques
Chapter review
12.1: Restriction enzymes
12.2: Finding a gene
12.3: Transformation using the pGLO plasmid
12.4: DNA profiling

13 Population genetics
Chapter review
13.1 Variation - no two the same
13.2 Looking at allele frequencies
13.3 When allele frequencies change
13.4 Case studies in natural selection and evolution

14 Evolution: changes over time
Chapter review
14.1 Geological time - what's that?
14.2 Geological time scale and absolute/relative ages
14.3 Transitional fossils - halfway or some of the way?
14.4 Analysing and inferring evolutionary relationships
14.5 Case study in evolution - the finches of the Galapagos Islands
14.6 The panda puzzle

15 Hominin evolution
Chapter review
15.1 Primates alive! That's me
15.2 What can skulls tell us?
15.3 Who's in the family?
15.4 Alterative pathways

16 Human intervention in evolution
Chapter review
16.1 Making the most of new variations - artificial selection
16.2 Case studies in genetic testing and screening
16.3 Conservation of rare plant species - ex-situ plant conservation to support survival in wild

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