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  • Nature of Biology Book 2 5E Units 3 & 4 eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

Nature of Biology Book 2 5E Units 3 & 4 eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

Nature of Biology Book 2 5E Units 3 & 4 eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9780730328803
Pub date January 2017
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Nature of Biology Book 2 5e Units 3 and 4 with eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase) provides teachers with online support through instant access to student and teacher texts plus a complementary set of extensive, customisable assessment (including SACs) and curriculum materials to make teacher planning and preparation easier.

Features and benefits

• Full answers and worked solutions for all questions.
• Practical Investigations with answers and advice.
• Test yourself Worksheets.
• Complete, in-depth coverage of the new VCE study design for 2017-2021.
• New HTML5 interactivities are available. These are designed to engage, excite and enhance understanding by bringing difficult concepts to life.
• The theory is written by highly experienced and successful authors with a proven and fundamental understanding of how students learn and succeed in exams.
• Quick check revision questions throughout the chapter check and challenge students’ understanding.
• A wide range of graded end-of-chapter questions including a Biochallenge section.
• studyON VCE Biology Units 3 and 4 is fully integrated with the student text. studyON is Jacaranda’s unique study, revision and exam preparation tool. 

Teachers can rely on Jacaranda’s dedicated customer service and support.

Unit 3: Area of Study 1: Cellular processes
Chapter 1: Cells: a review        
Chapter 2: Nucleic acids and proteins: a review
Chapter 3: Enzymes and biochemical pathways         
Chapter 4: Energy transfers and transformations     
Unit 3: Area of Study 2: How do living systems sustain life?      
Chapter 5: Cellular signals          
Chapter 6: Pathogens all around us
Chapter 7: Immune defences against pathogens
Chapter 8: Defects of the immune system
Unit 4: Area of Study 1: Species relationships
Chapter 9: Changes in genetic makeup of populations              
Chapter 10: Changes in biodiversity over time
Chapter 11: How are species related?
Chapter 12: Human changes over time
Unit 4: Area of Study 2: Human impacts
Chapter 13: DNA manipulation     
Chapter 14: DNA applications in society 
Chapter 15: Manipulating genes in organisms          
Chapter 16: Biological knowledge in response to disease
Chapter 17: Practical investigations