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New Concepts in Commerce 3E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)

New Concepts in Commerce 3E eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9781118400982
Pub date December 2012
Pages 0
RRP $114.95
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New Concepts in Commerce, 3rd Edition eGuidePLUS (Online Purchase) follows highly successful earlier editions in addressing Commerce teachers’ needs by providing engaging, up-to-date and detailed content suitable for a range of student abilities. The fully revised third edition covers the four core and eleven option topics from the Years 7 to 10 Commerce syllabus in New South Wales.

New Concepts in Commerce 3e eGuidePLUS
provides teachers with a complementary set of targeted digital resources, as well as access to the full student eBookPLUS. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online at the JacarandaPLUS website (www.jacplus.com.au).


> eGuidePLUS resource includes:

• The entire textbook in electronic format, accessible from any digital device PC/MAC/iPad/Android Tablet.
Skillsheets, Worksheets and chapter tests designed for easy customisation and editing.
Interactivities and a wealth of ICT resources.
Electronic tutorials for key worked examples.
Fully worked solutions to the exam practice sections.
• A work program.


Chapter 1

Consumer choice

Chapter 2

Personal finance

Chapter 3

Law and society

Chapter 4

Employment issues

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Promoting and selling

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Global links

Chapter 9

Towards independence

Chapter 10

Political involvement

Chapter 11


Chapter 12

The law in action

Chapter 13

Our economy

Chapter 14

Community participation

Chapter 15

Running a small business


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