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New Concepts in Commerce 3E Student Eworkbook (Online Purchase)

New Concepts in Commerce 3E Student Eworkbook (Online Purchase)
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ISBN13 9781118400968
Pub date December 2012
Pages 0
RRP $24.95
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New Concepts in Commerce, Student eWorkbook (Online Purchase), 3rd Edition is a student-centred resource designed to be used as a companion to the student textbook New Concepts in Commerce Third Edition. The workbook is available in a choice of two convenient formats — print and digital.


• An expanded range of worksheets reviews, consolidates and extends the textbook
Worksheets are provided in Word and PDF formats.
• Students can print out and complete PDFs or complete in Word and submit electronically.
• Coverage of the four core syllabus topics of Consumer Choice, Personal Finance, Law and Society, and Employment Issues.
Worksheets focus on the literacy, practical, thinking and study skills needed for success in Commerce.
• The workbook can be used variously for classwork, homework or revision.

New Concepts in Commerce 3E, Student eWorkbook is a digital-only student workbook that provides access to the student workbook.

Chapter 1 Consumer choice
Chapter 2 Personal finance
Chapter 3 Law and society
Chapter 4 Employment issues

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