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Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 8E & eBookPLUS

Psychology VCE Units 1 and 2 8E & eBookPLUS
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ISBN13 9780730345978
Pub date October 2017
Pages 624
RRP $94.95
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Psychology VCE Units 1 & 2, 8th Edition Print & eBookPLUS
This print and digital title is the trusted market-leader to reflect the Study Design changes, along with content and layout updates to make it even more accessible for every student – helping them achieve exam success.

The latest edition of Psychology VCE Units 1 & 2 includes these key updates:

  • Renowned author John Grivas, regarded for his authoritative and research-based approach, ensures quality content that helps students maximise their VCE success
  • 100% coverage of the Study Design, so teachers can be confident that their resource has only examinable, relevant content
  • Current, logical and sequenced coverage of research methods and key science skills guides students through this core component
  • A wide range of learning activities (review, data analysis, media response, reflection) enhance students’ application of key skills while encouraging in-depth understanding

Preface vii

Contents matrix: chapter coverage of the study design xi

About eBookPLUS xiv

Acknowledgements xv

Psychology — Introduction and research methods

Chapter 1 Introduction to psychology 3

Defining psychology and its subject matter 4

Scientific nature of psychology 6

Scientific vs non-scientific explanations 7

Classic and contemporary perspectives in psychology 11

Careers and areas of specialisation in psychology 11

Overview of VCE psychology 15

Chapter summary 17

Chapter 2 Research methods in psychology 19

Steps in psychological research 20

Research methods 25

Types of data 70

Organising, presenting and interpreting data 74

Ethics in psychological research and reporting 90

Use of animals in psychological research 96

Reporting conventions 99

Chapter summary 106

Key terms 107

Learning checklist 108

Chapter test 110

Unit 1 How are behaviour and mental processes shaped?

Chapter 3 Role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour 121

Complexity of the brain 122

Approaches over time to understanding the role of the brain 124

First brain experiments 132

Nervous system: structure and function 145

Role of the neuron 150

Glial cells 154

Structure and function of brain areas 155

Roles of the cerebral cortex 162

Chapter summary 174

Key terms 175

Learning checklist 176

Chapter test 178

Chapter 4 Brain plasticity and brain damage 185

Brain development in infancy and adolescence 186

Impact of injury to the cerebral cortex and adaptive plasticity 190

Parkinson’s disease 205

Chapter summary 213

Key terms 214

Learning checklist 214

Chapter test 215

Chapter 5 The complexity of psychological development 219

Defining development 220

Areas of development 221

Interaction of different areas of development 222

How psychological development proceeds 224

Interaction of hereditary and environmental factors in shaping psychological development 228

Sensitive and critical periods in psychological development 237

Twin studies and adoption studies 240

Attachment and emotional development 244

Development of cognitive abilities 257

Psychosocial development 270

Chapter summary 282

Key terms 283

Learning checklist 284

Chapter test 286

Chapter 6 Atypical psychological development 291

Approaches to describing normality 292

Conceptualisation of normality 294

Mental health and mental disorder 296

Mental health as a product of internal and external factors 300

Categories of mental disorders 304

Labelling someone with a mental disorder 307

Addiction disorders 310

Anxiety disorders 320

Mood disorders 325

Personality disorders 335

Psychotic disorders 340

The ‘two-hit’ hypothesis as an explanation for the development of schizophrenia 347

Chapter summary 353

Key terms 354

Learning checklist 354

Chapter test 357

Unit 2 How is wellbeing developed and maintained?

Chapter 7 Sensation and perception 363

Distinction between sensation and perception 364

Reception, processing and interpretation of sensory information 365

Visual perception 368

Taste perception 398

Influences on taste perception 401

Chapter summary 409

Key terms 410

Learning checklist 411

Chapter test 412

Chapter 8 Distortions of perception 417

Visual illusions 419

Judgment of flavours 425

Synaesthesia 430

Chapter summary 435

Key terms 436

Learning checklist 436

Chapter test 437

Chapter 9 Social cognition 441

Person perception — forming impressions of other people 443

Attribution — explaining behaviour 450

Attitudes 454

Attitudes and behaviour 460

Factors influencing attitude formation 462

Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination 466

Chapter summary 483

Key terms 484

Learning checklist 484

Chapter test 486

Chapter 10 Social influences on behaviour 491

Social influence 492

What is a group? 493

Status and social power within groups 495

Influence of status and social power within groups 498

Obedience 504

Conformity 512

Influences on helping behaviour 523

Influences on reluctance to help 535

Bullying 541

Influences of media on behaviour 550

Chapter summary 566

Key terms 567

Learning checklist 567

Chapter test 569

Answers 574

Glossary 575

References 587

Index 599

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