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Science Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E & eBookPLUS

Science Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E & eBookPLUS
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ISBN13 9780730315865
Pub date September 2014
Pages 328
RRP $69.95
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Jacaranda will be publishing a 3rd edition of Jacaranda Science Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum in 2017 for use in 2018. The updated title will be available as print or a new eBook powered by learnON, the immersive digital learning platform. Please visit the Jacaranda Australian Curriculum Science page for more information.

Science Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E with eBookPLUS has been updated based on in-depth research and feedback from practising teachers of Science.


• Latest scientific updates in all topics including communication, biology and space.
• New eLessons and interactivities including video clips from the popular series ‘The Story of Science’ featuring Michael Mosley.
Individual pathways indicated for every set of activities.
Assessment material and comprehensive teacher support available, incorporating the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.

Science Quest 7 for the Australian Curriculum 2E and eBookPLUS is a hard-copy student text accompanied by eBookPLUS. 

> eBookPLUS resources include:

• Access from any digital device PC/MAC/iPad/Android Tablet.
Worksheets - Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing.
Interactivities and games to reinforce and enhance student learning.
eLessons - engaging video clips and supporting material.
Weblinks to relevant support material on the internet.
ProjectsPLUS - unique ICT-based projects that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork.

 1. Science is...
 2. Learning keys
 3. Biological classification

 4. Ecosystems: interactions and relationships
 5. Separating mixtures
 6. Earth, moon and sun
 7. Renewable and
 non-renewable resources
 8. Forces in action

 9. A world of machines


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