StudyOn HSC Business Studies (Online Purchase)

StudyOn HSC Business Studies (Online Purchase)
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studyON HSC Business Studies (Online Purchase)

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Syllabus Area 10.1 Operations
Topic 1 Role of operations management
Topic 2 Influences
Topic 3 Operations processes
Topic 4 Operations strategies

Syllabus Area 10.2 Marketing
Topic 1 Role of marketing
Topic 2 Influences on marketing
Topic 3 Marketing processes
Topic 4 Marketing strategies
Topic 5 Marketing strategies and global marketing

Syllabus Area 10.3 Finance
Topic 1 Role of financial management
Topic 2 Influences on financial management
Topic 3 Processes of financial management
Topic 4 Financial management strategies

Syllabus Area 10.4 Human resources
Topic 1 Role of human resource management
Topic 2 Key Influences
Topic 3 Processes of human resource management
Topic 4 Strategies in human resource management
Topic 5 Effectiveness of human resources management


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