StudyOn VCE Chemistry Units 3 & 4 (Online Purchase)

StudyOn VCE Chemistry Units 3 & 4 (Online Purchase)
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Pub date December 2012
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studyON VCE Chemistry Unit 3&4 is our transformational online study, revision and practice tool that includes actual past VCE exam questions, progress tracker and digital assets that test the student's understanding and brings key concepts to life.

studyON provides students with exam questions from official VCE exams and automatic marking with instantaneous feedback. This exciting product opens the door to a unique environment that enables students to study when they want and where they want.

studyON helps students to focus their study by providing them with all the examinable information they need. Students can access exam questions at a concept, topic, area of study or unit level - anytime, anywhere. The results-tracking system enables students to easily identify their strengths and weaknesses.

studyON incorporates a myriad of study, revision and exam practice aids including:
• past VCAA exam questions online
• 800+ exam practice questions
• instant feedback
• online progress tracker
• videos and animations
• and much more!

Change the way you approach study, revision and exam practice today with studyON

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