Tapestry Poetry for Secondary Students

Tapestry Poetry for Secondary Students
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ISBN13 9780701637750
Pub date October 2003
Pages 160
RRP $44.95
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YEARS 7 - 12

Tapestry provides a fresh, new collection of poems selected with the adolescent in mind. The philosophy of this anthology is that students' enjoyment of poetry is enhanced when poems become accessible and relevant to the issues that shape their lives.


  • Tapestry includes over 50 poems not found in any other anthology.
  • Poems are grouped within themes.
  • Structured activities accompany each set of poems.
  • The Analyse this! feature at the end of each theme, and the Stitches in time unit guide students through poetry appreciation and analysis.
  • The final chapter challenges students to respond in a variety of text types, including poetry, to a range of stimulus items.


One earth to share
The lighter side
The face in the mirror
Love and other bruises
Human issues
Conflict and loss
Stitches in time
Responding to stimulus



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