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Our new resources for VCE Science provide in-depth coverage of the VCAA Study Design for 2016-2021.

Jacaranda's unique exam preparation tool studyON is now included and fully integrated across all new VCE Biology, Physics and Chemistry texts, providing an unrivalled combination of premium resources that maximise every student's opportunity for exam success.

New Jacaranda VCE Science titles for 2017

Nature of Biology VCE Units 1-4 Fifth edition

Chemistry VCE Units 1-4

Physics VCE Units 1-4

Nature of Biology and VCE Biology

studyON Chemistry and VCE Chemistry

Containing accessible language, photographs, accurate diagrams and an inbuilt study guide, the studyON Chemistry texts help students revise key knowledge as they cover the topics..

Jacaranda Physics and VCE Physics

The Jacaranda Physics texts contain clear and easy-to-read explanations, detailed diagrams and fully worked sample problems followed by revision questions that enhance students' understanding of concepts and applications of VCE Physics.